One UI Watch4.5 Update Pushes Accessibility and Convenience

Coming later this year

The next iteration of Samsung's One UI Watch operating system—One UI Watch4.5—is on the horizon, and several convenience/accessibility improvements are on the features list.

A new announcement details some of the usability changes and additions that Samsung is planning for One UI Watch4.5, which the company says should make typing and calling even easier. Watch face customization is being expanded a bit, so you'll be able to hang onto multiple layouts with the same base design while also making small personal adjustments to each saved face.

One UI Watch4.5 watch faces


Beyond the cosmetic, there will also be an option for a full QWERTY keyboard for users who might prefer something a bit more familiar. Switching between the default and QWERTY layouts can be done at any time, even mid-message. The update will also include dual-SIM support for your Galaxy Watch, allowing you to set the default SIM and swap between them as you see fit.

Accessibility changes start with the ability to set the watch display to your preferred color hue and adjust the contrast to make everything easier to read. Transparency, blur effects, and animations can also be fine-tuned to cut back on visual clutter and otherwise give your eyes an easier time.

QWERTY keyboard in One UI Watch4.5


Bluetooth audio is also getting more refined control, with an option to adjust the left/right audio output. Even touch inputs will be more adjustable to account for longer presses, multiple taps, and can be told to ignore potential unintended interactions. And these accessibility options will be tucked into one menu, which Samsung believes will make them easier to find and utilize.

One UI Watch4.5 is expected to see a public release in Q3 2022. The 4.5 update will be compatible with Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, and future releases in the Galaxy Watch series.

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