How to Deal with On-Demand Passwords in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail no longer supports on-demand passwords

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Yahoo on-demand passwords once provided a way to log in to your Yahoo Mail account with your phone and ad-hoc codes instead of a permanent password. This feature has been discontinued and replaced with Access Key.

On-demand passwords are no longer available for Yahoo Mail, but you can use Access Key as an alternative to secure your account.

The Best Password Changes

The best password changes every time, and only you know it. With Yahoo! Mail, you can have just that level of security: on-demand passwords are created just as you need them and sent via SMS message.

As long as you—and only you—have access to the phone and number used for on-demand passwords, you—and only you—have a most secure way to log in to your account.

What If You Lose Your Phone?

What you can still forget and lose (and drop) is your phone. Will anybody with the phone then be able to log in to your account? Only if they can unlock the phone or preview SMA messages on the lock screen and know your Yahoo! Mail address.

Then, you need to act fast and block the number from working with Yahoo! Mail. Find out how to do that below, and how to enable on-demand passwords in the first place as well as how to turn them off if you find them too annoying.

Enable On-Demand Passwords in Yahoo! Mail

To turn on on-demand passwords in Yahoo! Mail and have a new, random passcode sent to your phone every time you log in:

  1. Click your name near your Yahoo! Mail’s top right corner.
  2. Follow the Account Info link on the sheet that appears.
  3. Go to the Account Security category.
  4. If prompted to log in:
    1. Type your current Yahoo! Mail password over Password.
    2. Click Sign In.
  5. Follow the Get started › link under On-demand passwords.
  6. Now click Set up on-demand passwords.
  7. Enter a phone number where you can safely receive SMS text messages under Let's get started.
  8. Click Send SMS.
  9. Type the code you received at the phone number.
  10. Click Submit code.
  11. Verify the recovery information under Review account recovery information! includes an email address to which you have access, for example.
  12. Click Looks good.
  13. Now click Got it!.
  14. Make sure you create application passwords for all email programs you want to use with Yahoo! Mail through IMAP or POP.

Disable On-Demand Yahoo! Mail Passwords

To turn off on-demand passwords in Yahoo! Mail and return to either a static password alone or two-step authentication:

  1. If you just find logging in using on-demand passwords cumbersome, do consider staying logged in
  2. Click your name in Yahoo! Mail.
  3. Select Account Info on the sheet that has appeared.
  4. Open the Account Security category.
  5. Make sure On-demand passwords is off.
  6. Change your Yahoo! Mail password following the instructions.

What to Do When You Have Lost Your Phone

To disable logging in via a number to which you no longer have access:

  1. Log in to Yahoo! Mail using an account recovery option.
  2. Click on your name in the top Yahoo! Mail navigation bar.
  3. Select Account Info on the sheet that has come up.
  4. Open the Account Security category.
  5. If prompted to log in:
    1. Type your Yahoo! Mail password over Password.
    2. Click Sign In.
  6. Click Phone numbers under Account security.
  7. Now click the trashcan icon next to the number where you can no longer receive text messages.