List of Office Software Suites and Apps for Windows

List of Productivity Tools for Your Windows Laptop or Desktop

The office suite apps or software for your Windows computer or device depend on your preferences for features such as user interface, document compatibility, price, and cloud options.

Here are some of your most popular software suites to begin looking at.

What is Windows?

Windows is the operating system upon which much of Microsoft's software revolves. It has been issued in many versions, the latest being Windows 10. This list is primarily software for your desktop or laptop.

Available Office Suite Solutions for Windows

Software offerings are always expanding, particularly with advancements in cloud computing and mobile productivity. If one of the suites below is listed as web-based, this means it requires an internet connection. Read more about Cloud Computing and Hybrid Cloud Computing.

Looking for another device or operating system?

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First: Where to Search For, Buy, or Download Windows Desktop Apps

Microsoft's A Cloud for Everyone Demonstration for Windows. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

You can buy software or apps for Windows desktop from a variety of sites, but I suggest focusing on each software manufacturer's site. Be careful to always download from reputable sources.

Also, keep in mind that the last few on this list are cloud or online options. In those cases, you need to create an online account to access those programs. 

Microsoft Office logo
Courtesy Microsoft

Naturally, Microsoft Office is an important productivity option to consider for your Windows device. While opinions certainly vary regarding how intuitive the world's most popular office suite really is, it is still the standard for document compatibility. More »

WordPerfect Suite
WordPerfect Suite. (c) Used with permission from Corel Corporation

Corel's office suites are feature-rich programs comparable to Microsoft Office. Check out Corel WordPerfect Office X6 or later for interesting features such as eBook Publisher functionality.

At the time off this writing, it is only available as a desktop version. More »

Kingsoft Free Office 2012
Kingsoft Free Office 2012. (c) Courtesy of Kingsoft Office

The Kingsoft Office suite is offered by a popular software manufacturer based in China.

For Windows you can select an affordable mobile or desktop version, or try the OfficeSuiteFree version if available. More »

LibreOffice Suite
LibreOffice Suite. (c) Courtesy of The Document Foundation

LibreOffice software is free as an open source project from The Document Foundation. The suite offers impressive language options and continually improves the suite with each new version release.

New to this suite? Check out this Image Gallery of LibreOffice Suite. More »

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OpenOffice Suite (Free!)

OpenOffice Logo
OpenOffice Logo. (c) Courtesy of Apache Software Foundation

OpenOffice is a free software suite under the Apache Software Foundation, an open source community. With hundreds of thousands of developers and other professionals donating their skills, OpenOffice remains a robust alternative to Microsoft Office.

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ThinkFree Office (Free Online or Premium versions)

ThinkFree Office
ThinkFree Office. (c) Hancom Inc.

ThinkFree Office by Hancom comes in a desktop (premium) or online version (free) you may be interested in. This suite includes Write, Calc, and Show.


Excel Web App. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft also features a free, streamlined version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Users access these programs through their internet browser. 

  More »

Google Docs Icon
Google Docs Icon. (c) Courtesy of Google

The web-based Google Docs and mobile Google Apps are accessed through the software company's cloud environment, Google Drive. The free version is impressive and compatibility issues keep decreasing with this productivity option. You can buy a subscription for a business version similar to Office 365 which includes additional features.

Check out the Google Docs and Google Apps Image Gallery for a visual overview of this suite. More »