List of Office Software and Apps for Mac

Maximize Your Productivity with These Programs and Apps

Find your best office software suite productivity solution for Mac by investigating these popular options.

This list takes you through several alternatives, because you have other options than just Apple's iWork or Microsoft's Office for Mac, though those popular options are available as well.

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Mac is a type of personal computer produced by Apple. The name is an abbreviation for Macintosh. Newer Macs typically run the Mac OS X operating system.

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Free Versus Premium Options

This list begins with free options then moves to premium alternatives if you have a little money to invest in your productivity software. Many free suites offer plenty of tools for some users, so you may be able to save money.

That said, keep in mind that premium office software suites may offer the additional features you may need, so for some users, the value can be worth the cost.

iWork for Mac. (c) Courtesy of Apple

Office software suites for Mac can be purchased (or in the case of the free ones, downloaded) directly through the manufacturer links in each list item below, or from the Apple Store.

Additional retailers can of course be searched for online, but be sure to always download from reputable sites.

OpenOffice Logo
OpenOffice Logo. (c) Courtesy of Apache Software Foundation

The Apache Software Foundation administers an open source software suite that is one of the most popular worldwide, in part because it is compatible with so many operating systems.

Get a visual by checking out this OpenOffice Suite Image Gallery.

LibreOffice Suite. (c) Courtesy of The Document Foundation

LibreOffice was voted by this site's community to be the 2013 Readers' Choice Award Winner of Favorite Office Software for Mac.

A free office suite, LibreOffice is nonetheless a powerful rival to more expensive office software suites.

iWork for iCloud (Online) - FREE

Apple iCloud
iCloud by Apple. (c) Courtesy of Apple

You can also check out iWork for iCloud, the free online version of iWork. This requires an online account, which implies needing an internet connection.

This can be a great option for someone who wants to stay within the Apple lineup of products.


Google Docs Icon
Google Docs Icon. (c) Courtesy of Google

Access the free web-based Google Docs and mobile Google Apps by signing up for Google Drive.

Google's online suites are not as function-rich as iWork or Microsoft Office, but are still robust and very popular as accessible, user-friendly versions of tasks for the average user. You will find free and business versions.

ThinkFree Office
ThinkFree Office. (c) Hancom Inc.

Web-based office suites are accessible from nearly any computer with a supporting internet connection. ThinkFree Office is a popular web-based office suite.

If you want to try ThinkFree Office you can sign in using a Google account. If you sign up for a ThinkFree account you have access to more functionality and services.

Apple iWork Office Suite 2009 Box Shot
Apple iWork Suite. (c) Used with permission from Apple

iWork is usually free and already included on Macs bought after 2013 or $19.99 on Macs bought before 2013.

The iWork suite is authored by Apple so it makes sense that it is optimized for productivity on your Mac or iOS device such as iPad.

The programs are highly functional with a lot of additional tools and support including templates, tutorials, and the iLife application suite.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2011 for Mac
Microsoft Office Home and Student 2011 for Mac. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft Office

Microsoft has traditionally offered a separate Mac version for Office.

Find desktop versions, 2016 and earlier, by visiting Office for Mac News & Tips.

Office 2016 is the latest version of the traditional desktop suite and a subscription-based Office 365 is available for Mac.

Parallels Desktop 8
Parallels Desktop 8. (c) Image Courtesy of Parallels

One option is to run Windows on your Mac using Parallels Desktop. While you will experience graphical differences from a true Windows version, the functionality for office productivity software is impressive.