Top Free Software Key Code Finder Programs for Microsoft Office

Unlock Your Office Software License

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Software-based key finders locate the product key codes you used to originally install individually licensed software, including the Microsoft Office suite.

What Are You Looking For?

Key codes vary from product to product but are typically alphanumeric strings separated by dashes.


These strings uniquely identify an individual person's license to use the software.

Key Finder Programs

The following are suggestions for free software product key finder programs. These will likely help you find your keycode:

This list features free key finder utilities because in general, a lot of people get along just fine using a free key finder tool. However, corporations with a large number of installations may benefit from a professional-grade version.

How Do Key Finder Programs Work?

Key finder programs retrieve software product codes because the information should already be stored in your computer registry from when you originally installed the program. These programs seek, find, and possibly unencrypt the code so you can re-enter it.

What is a Software License?

When you purchase software, the license is for a distinct individual or group’s use, even if that license extends to a certain number of computers. Software companies protect this interest by issuing product key codes.

Are Product Key Finders Risky to Use?

Not typically, but you should still keep in mind that choosing to use these tools is up to your discretion. If your antivirus software blocks the program, for example, while you may not really have a threat on your hands, you may want to think twice until you are able to check it out further.

Volume License Key Codes

If a key code finder returns something strange, containing repeated letters or symbols or something that is obviously not a real product key code, it may have been part of a volume license deal. In this case, you may need to contact the originator servicing that deal to obtain a product key code.

Manufacturer Sticker Codes

Don’t get confused if you see a different code stickered on your computer or device. This could be a manufacturer’s code for the hardware, rather than the true product key code for your software or operating system.