Office Gifts and Tech Gadgets for Every Budget

From Cheap to Posh, Find Tools for Coworkers, Employees, Clients, or Yourself

Are you in the market for a few desk gizmos yourself, or do you need some office gifts for your co-workers, employees, or clients?

Here is a collection of gift galleries for every budget.

Office gifts or tech gadgets can add a little umph to any desk or productivity routine, so whether you are looking for holiday trinkets or fun inside jokes, check out this list of ideas. The gifts themselves are not holiday-themed.

Many of these can be found or created online, making your busy life a bit easier.

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Make Your List but Check It Twice

Man with holiday presents

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First, find out about your company's gift giving policies, or assess what kinds of gifts are appropriate based on your relationship with clients.

This may sound goofy at first, but you might be surprised by social conventions in other branches of your own company, for example. Also, when it comes to working with others outside your company, you may need to avoid the appearance of bribery or other legal issues.

Then dive into your search for the right gift by checking out the following price tiers...


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Gadgets and Office Gifts for $10 USD or Less

Office Gifts for $10 USD or Less

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Need a bunch of gifts? Office communities can get pretty large for some of us, and that can make gift giving a challenge.

Whether you are a supervisor looking to honor your employees, a presenter who wants to leave a token for potential clients, or a cubicle inhabitant needing some desk bling, find interesting gadgets that won't break the bank.

One note: Watch out for shipping charges on larger orders, or be sure to ask for applicable discounts for buying in bunk, if available.

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Gadgets and Office Gifts for $25 USD or Less

Office Gifts Under $25 USD

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A lot of professional situations call for a mid-range gift around the $25 USD price point. I

n this tier, you can find a variety of tech or office gifts with a personalized touch or broad appeal, without stretching your budget too far.

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Gadgets and Office Gifts for $50 USD or Less

Office Gifts for $50 USD or Less

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If you need a polished gift that shows someone your appreciation, you may be looking for something approaching the $50 USD pricing tier.

These gifts tend away from the sillier options due to this higher price point.

Here are some great ideas to help you find the perfect gift or new gadget.

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Gadgets and Office Gifts for $100 USD or Less

Office Gifts for $100 USD or Less

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For $100 USD, you can get something to wow someone on your office list.

Or, maybe it's time to wow yourself for all the hard work you have been doing!

These gifts are a bit more expensive but may be the right way to go for the person you have in mind.

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Don't Forget the Gift Card Option!

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To truly customize how much you want to spend on an office gift, you can always opt for a gift card.

Some great choices for an office gift include retail or specialty stores like Best Buy, Audible, Amazon, and more.

Follow the link above to see a quick run-down of popular app stores as well, which are a great gift if you know which operating system a recipient's mobile devices are.

As you make your final purchasing decisions, be sure to always check the fine print. Make sure the product ships according to your schedule and whether you will be charged for shipping, for example.

Happy shopping!