Office 365 Gets Reply All Storm Protection in Exchange Online

It aims to quash your oblivious co-workers’ abuse of Reply All

You may soon get relief from clueless coworkers using the Reply All feature inappropriately, thanks to Microsoft Office 365.

Person using Microsoft Office

Microsoft has begun rolling out a new email feature for Office 365 aimed squarely at those Reply All Storms we all know and hate.

What’s a Reply All Storm? When an email with a huge distribution list shows up, sometimes people will use the Reply All feature, sending their simple response to everyone on the list within the organization. Other folks may do the same, resulting in a massive chain email that says relatively nothing useful, but ends up in everyone’s inbox.

How it Works: So far, Exchange (Office 365’s email client) will detect any email that gets 10 reply-all responses to over 5,000 recipients within 60 minutes. Any replies after that will get blocked for four hours. Anyone trying to send another Reply All will see something like the below dialog box.

Reply-All Storm Protection dialog box

Microsoft says: The company plans to gather data on usage and customer feedback to fine-tune the system over time, “to make it even more valuable to a broader range of Office 365 customers.” The feature has already had a positive impact at Microsoft itself, and the team hopes “it will also benefit many other organizations as well.”

Via: BetaNews

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