Oculus Recalls Quest 2 Foam Inserts Due To 'Skin Irritation'

You can request a replacement silicone cover, free of charge

After several users reported skin irritation caused by the foam inserts found in the Oculus Quest 2, Oculus has begun a voluntary recall and is offering owners free silicone covers.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), more than 5,700 users have reported skin irritation (with 45 requiring medical attention) caused by the Oculus Quest 2’s foam insert. While this is a relatively small number compared to the roughly 4 million units that have been sold, it’s enough for Oculus to begin a voluntary recall of the "foam facial interface."

Woman playing the Oculus Quest Outside

It’s worth noting that the recall is taking place at the retail level, and Oculus is temporarily pausing sales while it gets everything sorted out. A different option is being offered to individual device owners. Rather than having users send their Quest 2 headsets back, they can request a free silicone cover through the My Devices page on the official site. 

The affected Oculus Quest 2 models are listed in the image below, and the CPSC stated that headsets with those specific serial numbers are the only ones included in the recall. So if your headset isn’t on the list you should be fine—though if you do begin to experience skin irritation you should stop using it immediately and contact Oculus.

Oculust Quest 2 models that are affected by the voluntary recall due to foam facial interface irritations.


If you’re unsure what your Oculus Quest 2’s serial number is, there are a few ways to find out. First, you can check the outside of your packaging for a white sticker with a barcode—look for "S/N" followed by a 14-digit serial number.

If you threw out or can’t find the box, you also can look at the inside of the headset’s right side strap arm. If you’d rather not pop out the headset’s strap, you also can find the serial number inside your controller, underneath the battery.

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