"The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" Weapon Codes on PC

Codes for granting your character any weapon

Elder Scrools IV Oblivion
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Below are listed the "give item" weapon codes for "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion." 

Use these codes by first opening the the console by pressing the tilde "~" key, and then entering the command Player.AddItem followed by the weapon code cheat code and the amount of the item you want to grant.

For example, to load two Blades of Woe, you would enter Player.AddItem 00091905 2.

Akavari Sunderblade 000CA154 Akavari Warblade 000CA155
Akaviri Dai-Katana 0009DAC5 Akaviri Katana 00024DCA
Akaviri Katana 000977C9 Akaviri Warhammer Burden 000387B5
Ancient Akaviri Katana 000E78E5 Apotheosis 000CA153
Axe of Hazards 0003CCFF Axe of Icy Darkness 0003BF64
Ayleid Long Sword 00014F14 Ayleid Mace 00014F15
Battle Axe of Absorption 0003841F Battle Axe of Beguilement 0003539C
Battle Axe of Blizzards 0002308B Battle Axe of Cold 000220A8
Battle Axe of Damnation 000353C2 Battle Axe of Decay 0003B407
Battle Axe of Deception 0003539A Battle Axe of Depletion 000387AE
Battle Axe of Diminishing 0003D7D3 Battle Axe of Dispel 0003D7CB
Battle Axe of Dissolution 0003B40A Battle Axe of Embers 0003DAE7
Battle Axe of Enfeeblement 0003CD09 Battle Axe of Feeding 0003B402
Battle Axe of Fire 0003DB0C Battle Axe of Flames 0003DB03
Battle Axe of Freezing 000225D9 Battle Axe of Frost 0003DB8F
Battle Axe of Jinxing 0003AB6F Battle Axe of Lightning 0002C278
Battle Axe of Putrification 0003B40C Battle Axe of Rending 0003B40E
Battle Axe of Sapping 0003D7E2 Battle Axe of Scorching 0003DAFA
Battle Axe of Shocking 0002B8D6 Battle Axe of Siphoning 0003B3FF
Battle Axe of Soul Snares 000353CA Battle Axe of Soul Traps 00035397
Battle Axe of Souls 00035C27 Battle Axe of Sparks 0002B561
Battle Axe of Storms 0002C286 Battle Axe of the Blaze 0003DB15
Battle Axe of the Dynamo 0002BFFA Battle Axe of the Glacier 00022738
Battle Axe of the Inferno 0003DB1E Battle Axe of Transmogrify 0003B403
Battle Axe of Voltage 0002BDDD Battle Axe of Weakness 0003AB43
Battle Axe of Winter 000230D9 Battleaxe of Hatred 000CA152
Baurus's Akaviri Katana 0006B843 Black Bow 000908AD
Blackwater Blade 0000C201 Blade of Fiery Light 0003BF60
Blade of Woe 00091905 Blizzard Bow 0003CD06
Boreal 0003CD05 Bound Axe 00026276
Bound Bow 0002627D Bound Dagger 0002627C
Bound Mace 00026274 Bound Sword 00026273
Bow of Blizzards 0002308D Bow of Burning 0003DAF2
Bow of Cold 000220F6 Bow of Curses 0003AB87
Bow of Despair 0003AC88 Bow of Embers 0003DAE9
Bow of Fire 0003DB0D Bow of Flames 0003DB04
Bow of Freezing 000225DA Bow of Frost 0003DB91
Bow of Gloom 0003AC89 Bow of Harm 0003AB6C
Bow of Infernal Frost 00082DE4 Bow of Infliction 000CA156
Bow of Jolts 0002B585 Bow of Lightning 0002C27A
Bow of Numbing 0003DB7B Bow of Quietus 0002B558
Bow of Scorching 0003DAFB Bow of Shocking 0002B8D7
Bow of Silence 0002B559 Bow of Sparks 0002B562
Bow of Storms 0002C287 Bow of the Blaze 0003DB16
Bow of the Dynamo 0002BFFB Bow of the Glacier 00022854
Bow of the Inferno 0003DB1F Bow of Voltage 0002BEB2
Bow of Weariness 0003AB6B Bow of Winter 000230DD
Broken Sword 0002D72B Brusef Amelion's Sword 000091FB
Burden of Agnosticism 00014953 Burden of Anger 0001494F
Burden of Arrogance 00014950 Burden of Flesh 00014952
Burden of Secrecy 00014951 Burden of Sin 00014954
Burz's Glass Mace 000C7610
Caelia's Steel Longsword 0006AA99 Cursed Mace 00026F98
Calliben's Grim Retort 000CB6F3 Captain Kordan's Saber 000CA158
Ceremonial Dagger 0008DA4A Chillrend 00068C01
Claymore of Blizzards 00023095 Claymore of Brittleness 0003D7BB
Claymore of Burning 0003DAF3 Claymore of Cold 0002224D
Claymore of Depletion 0003AB75 Claymore of Depletion 0003D7E8
Claymore of Disintegration 0003D7C7 Claymore of Dispel 0003D7CC
Claymore of Embers 0003DAEA Claymore of Fire 0003DB0E
Claymore of Flames 0003DB05 Claymore of Fracturing 0003D7BF
Claymore of Fragments 0003D7B8 Claymore of Freezing 000225F6
Claymore of Frost 0003DB73 Claymore of Jinxing 0003AB74
Claymore of Jolts 0002B586 Claymore of Lightning 0002C27B
Claymore of Numbing 0003DB7C Claymore of Pain 0003D7DE
Claymore of Sapping 0003D7E3 Claymore of Scorching 0003DAFC
Claymore of Shattering 0003D7C3 Claymore of Shocking 0002B8D8
Claymore of Sparks 0002B563 Claymore of Storms 0002C289
Claymore of the Blaze 0003DB17 Claymore of the Dynamo 0002BFFC
Claymore of the Glacier 00022A2B Claymore of the Inferno 0003DB20
Claymore of Voltage 0002BFF3 Claymore of Weariness 0003D7DA
Claymore of Winter 000230DE Club 00159829
Daedric Battle Axe 00035E77 Daedric Bow 000733DD
Daedric Bow 00035E7C Daedric Claymore 00035E78
Daedric Dagger 00035E72 Daedric Longsword 00035E76
Daedric Mace 00035E75 Daedric Shortsword 00035E73
Daedric War Axe 00035E74 Daedric Warhammer 00035E79
Dagger of Absorption 0003841A Dagger of Blizzards 00023098
Dagger of Brittleness 0003D7BC Dagger of Burning 0003DAF4
Dagger of Cold 0002257F Dagger of Depletion 0003D7E9
Dagger of Diminishing 0003D7D4 Dagger of Discipline 000C891F
Dagger of Disintegration 0003D7C8 Dagger of Dispel 0003D7CD
Dagger of Embers 0003DAEB Dagger of Enfeeblement 000389E6
Dagger of Fire 0003DB0F Dagger of Flames 0003DB06
Dagger of Fracturing 0003D7C0 Dagger of Fragments 0003D7B7
Dagger of Freezing 000225FC Dagger of Frost 0003DB74
Dagger of Jinxing 0003AB6E Dagger of Jolts 0002B588
Dagger of Lightning 0002C27D Dagger of Numbing 0003DB7D
Dagger of Pacification 0003BF61 Dagger of Pain 0003D7DF
Dagger of Paralysis 0002B560 Dagger of Sapping 0003D7E4
Dagger of Scorching 0003DAFD Dagger of Shattering 0003D7C4
Dagger of Shocking 0002B8D9 Dagger of Sparks 0002B564
Dagger of Storms 0002C28D Dagger of the Blaze 0003DB18
Dagger of the Dynamo 0002BFFD Dagger of the Glacier 00022A2C
Dagger of the Inferno 0003DB21 Dagger of Voltage 0002BFF4
Dagger of Weakness 0003AB3F Dagger of Weariness 0003D7DB
Dagger of Winter 000230DF Dalvilu Cermonial Dagger 0001ECE5
Debaser 0001D0B4 Defiler 0003CB6B
Destarine's Cleaver 000CA159 Dragon's Bow 0003CD04
Dremora Bow 000872AA Dremora Claymore 0003E9C4
Dremora Heavy Bow 000872AB Dremora Light Bow 000872A9
Dremora Longsword 0003E9C3 Dremora Mace 0003E9C2
Dwarven Battle Axe 00035DCD Dwarven Bow 00035DCE
Dwarven Bow Replica 000C7979 Dwarven Claymore 00035DCF
Dwarven Claymore Replica 000C5606 Dwarven Dagger 00035DD0
Dwarven Longsword 000732B6 Dwarven Mace 00035DD2
Dwarven Shortsword 00035DD3 Dwarven War Axe 00035DD4
Dwarven War Axe Replica 000C5602 Dwarven Warhammer 00035DD5
Ebony Battle Axe 00035E6F Ebony Blade 00027109
Ebony Bow 00035E7B Ebony Claymore 00035E70
Ebony Dagger 00035E6A Ebony Dagger Replica 000C5616
Ebony Longsword 000732DE Ebony Mace 00035E6D
Ebony Mace Replica 000C561F Ebony Shortsword 00035E6B
Ebony Shortsword Replica 000C798A Ebony War Axe 00035E6C
Ebony Warhammer 00035E71 Ebony Warhammer Replica 000C5604
Elven Battle Axe 00035E67 Elven Bow 000229BF
Elven Claymore 00035E68 Elven Dagger 00035E63
Elven Long Sword 000977CD Elven Long Sword Replica 000C55FF
Elven Mace 00035E66 Elven Shortsword 00035E64
Elven Shortsword Replica 000C7985 Elven War Axe 00035E65
Elven Warhammer 00035E69 Enchanted Dagger 0003FBCE
Essence of Regret 00014963
Fine Iron Battle Axe 0003A85F
Fine Iron Bow 0003A860 Fine Iron Claymore 0003A861
Fine Iron Dagger 0003A862 Fine Iron Longsword 0003A863
Fine Iron Mace 0003A864 Fine Iron Shortsword 0003A865
Fine Iron War Axe 0003A866 Fine Iron Warhammer 0003A867
Fine Steel Battle Axe 0003A856 Fine Steel Bow 0003A857
Fine Steel Claymore 0003A858 Fine Steel Dagger 0003A859
Fine Steel Longsword 0003A85A Fine Steel Mace 0003A85B
Fine Steel Shortsword 0003A85C Fine Steel War Axe 0003A85D
Fine Steel Warhammer 0003A85E Frostwyrm Bow 000C55E4
Ghost Axe 0003CD07 Gift of Flame 0001494C
Gladiator's Sword 0003E45B
Glass Battle Axe 00035E60 Glass Battle Axe Replica 000C5608
Glass Bow 000733DC Glass Claymore 00035E61
Glass Dagger 00035E5B Glass Dagger Replica 000C7973
Glass Longsword 000732DD Glass Longsword Replica 000C5601
Glass Mace 00035E5E Glass Shortsword 00035E5C
Glass Shortsword Replica 000C7989 Glass War Axe 00035E5D
Glass Warhammer 000977CB Glenroy's Akaviri Katana 00022F82
Goblin Shaman Staff 00066C45 Goblin Totem Staff 000AA01F
Goldbrand 00027105 Greater Staff of Anarchy 00091322
Greater Staff of Apathy 000912EC Greater Staff of Blundering 000912D4
Greater Staff of Burden 000912BF Greater Staff of Calm 000912C2
Greater Staff of Catastrophe 000912E3 Greater Staff of Charm 000912C8
Greater Staff of Confusion 000912F2 Greater Staff of Corrosion 000912FC
Greater Staff of Demoralize 000912F6 Greater Staff of Dispel 000912FF
Greater Staff of Domination 000912D1 Greater Staff of Fatigue 000912DA
Greater Staff of Feeblemind 000912D7 Greater Staff of Fire 00091326
Greater Staff of Fireball 00091329 Greater Staff of Fragility 0009131F
Greater Staff of Frailty 000912EF Greater Staff of Frost 0009132C
Greater Staff of Ice Storm 0009132F Greater Staff of Lethargy 0009131C
Greater Staff of Light 00091332 Greater Staff of Lightning 000914B6
Greater Staff of Open 00091335 Greater Staff of Ruin 00091302
Greater Staff of Severing 000912E6 Greater Staff of Sickness 000912DD
Greater Staff of Silence 000914BC Greater Staff of Stopping 00091338
Greater Staff of Storms 000914B9 Greater Staff of Sundering 00091316
Greater Staff of Taming 000912CE Greater Staff of Telekinesis 000914BF
Greater Staff of the Dazed 00091310 Greater Staff of the Doomed 00091313
Greater Staff of the Grave 000914C2 Greater Staff of the Oaf 00091305
Greater Staff of the Pariah 000912E9 Greater Staff of the Plague 00091308
Greater Staff of the Weary 0009130A Greater Staff of Weakness 000912E1
Hatreds Soul 00014D6A Heat of Sinfulness 00014960
Honorblade of Chorrol 00028BA0 Hrormir's Icestaff 00002DDF
Immolator 0003CD01 Iron Battle Axe 00000D7F
Iron Bow 00025231 Iron Claymore 0001C6CD
Iron Dagger 00019171 Iron Longsword 000977D1
Iron Mace 00000D82 Iron Shortsword 00000C0D
Iron War Axe 00000D81 Iron Warhammer 00019172
Languorwine Blade 00028277 Lesser Staff of Anarchy 00091323
Lesser Staff of Apathy 000912ED Lesser Staff of Blundering 000912D2
Lesser Staff of Burden 000912D8 Lesser Staff of Calm 000912C0
Lesser Staff of Catastrophe 000912E4 Lesser Staff of Charm 000912C6
Lesser Staff of Confusion 000912F3 Lesser Staff of Corrosion 000912FA
Lesser Staff of Demoralize 000912F4 Lesser Staff of Dispel 000912FD
Lesser Staff of Domination 000912CF Lesser Staff of Fatigue 000912DB
Lesser Staff of Feeblemind 000912E0 Lesser Staff of Fire 00091324
Lesser Staff of Fireball 00091327 Lesser Staff of Fragility 00091320
Lesser Staff of Frailty 000912F0 Lesser Staff of Frost 0009132A
Lesser Staff of Ice Storm 0009132D Lesser Staff of Lethargy 0009131D
Lesser Staff of Light 00091330 Lesser Staff of Lightning 000914CA
Lesser Staff of Open 00091334 Lesser Staff of Ruin 00091300
Lesser Staff of Severing 000912E7 Lesser Staff of Sickness 000912DE
Lesser Staff of Silence 000914BA Lesser Staff of Stopping 00091336
Lesser Staff of Storms 000914B7 Lesser Staff of Sundering 00091317
Lesser Staff of Taming 000912CC Lesser Staff of Telekinesis 000914BD
Lesser Staff of the Dazed 00091311 Lesser Staff of the Doomed 00091314
Lesser Staff of the Grave 000914C0 Lesser Staff of the Oaf 00091303
Lesser Staff of the Pariah 000912EA Lesser Staff of the Plague 00091306
Lesser Staff of the Weary 00091309 Lesser Staff of Weakness 000912D5
Long Sword of Brittleness 0003D7BD Long Sword of Depletion 0003D7EA
Long Sword of Flames 0003DB07 Long Sword of Freezing 0002263D
Long Sword of Voltage 0002BFF5 Longsword of Absorption 0003841D
Longsword of Blizzards 000230A6 Longsword of Burning 0003DAF5
Longsword of Cold 00022580
Longsword of Depletion 000387AC Longsword of Diminishing 0003D7D5
Longsword of Disintegration 0003D7C9 Longsword of Dispel 0003D7CE
Longsword of Embers 0003DAEC Longsword of Enfeeblement 000389E8
Longsword of Fire 0003DB10 Longsword of Fracturing 0003D7C1
Longsword of Fragments 0003D7B9 Longsword of Frost 000B0705
Longsword of Jinxing 0003AB70 Longsword of Jolts 0002B589
Longsword of Lightning 0002C27E Longsword of Numbing 0003DB7E
Longsword of Pain 0003D7E0 Longsword of Sapping 0003D7E5
Longsword of Scorching 0003DAFE Longsword of Shattering 0003D7C5
Longsword of Shocking 0002B8DD Longsword of Sparks 0002B565
Longsword of Storms 0002C28F Longsword of the Blaze 0003DB19
Longsword of the Dynamo 0002C00C Longsword of the Glacier 00022A2E
Longsword of the Inferno 0003DB22 Longsword of Weakness 0003AB41
Longsword of Weariness 0003D7DC Longsword of Winter 000230E0
Mace of Abeyance 000359E7 Mace of Absorption 0003841C
Mace of Aversion 000353D1 Mace of Blizzards 000230AB
Mace of Burden 000387B6 Mace of Burning 0003DAF6
Mace of Cold 0002258C Mace of Deadweight 000387BE
Mace of Decay 0003AF07 Mace of Depletion 000387AD
Mace of Diminishing 0003D7D6 Mace of Dispel 0003D7CF
Mace of Dissolution 0003AF08 Mace of Embers 0003DAED
Mace of Encumbrance 000387BA Mace of Enfeeblement 000389E9
Mace of Excess 000387BC Mace of Feeding 000387A8
Mace of Fire 0003DB11 Mace of Flames 0003DB08
Mace of Fracturing 0003AF0A Mace of Freezing 00022642
Mace of Frost 0003DB76 Mace of Holy Light 00035A64
Mace of Jinxing 0003AB73 Mace of Jolts 0002B58A
Mace of Legion 0003BF65 Mace of Lightning 0002C280
Mace of Molag Bal 00027117 Mace of Numbing 0003DB7F
Mace of Overload 000387B7 Mace of Putrification 0003AF0D
Mace of Rending 0003AF0E Mace of Repelling 000353CC
Mace of Sapping 0003D7E6 Mace of Scorching 0003DAFF
Mace of Shocking 0002BAAA Mace of Siphoning 000387A7
Mace of Sparks 0002B566 Mace of Storms 0002C290
Mace of Strain 000387B4 Mace of the Blaze 0003DB1A
Mace of the Dynamo 0002C00D Mace of the Glacier 00022A2F
Mace of the Inferno 0003DB23 Mace of the Undead 00035AB3
Mace of Transmogrify 0003B404 Mace of Turning 000353D4
Mace of Voltage 0002BFF6 Mace of Warding 000353D0
Mace of Weakness 0003AB40 Mace of Weight 000387B1
Mace of Winter 000230E1 Mage's Mace 0003E45D
Mages Staff 0002C6A8 Mage's Staff of Charm 0001FE11
Mage's Staff of Dispel 0001FE16 Mage's Staff of Fire 000E9448
Mage's Staff of Frost 000E944C Mage's Staff of Paralysis 0001FE12
Mage's Staff of Shock 0001FE10 Mage's Staff of Silence 0001FE13
Mage's Staff of Soul Trap 0001FE14 Mage's Staff of Telekinesis 0001FE15
Mankar Camoran's Staff 000BE322 Mishaxhi's Cleaver 00187BC7
Naked Axe 0003E45E Nearness of Evil 0001493D
Northwind 00187BC4
Oblivion's Caress 00014962 Oblivion's Embrace 000149E2
Penance of Animosity 00014966
Penance of Deception 0001496A Penance of Faithlessness 0001496B
Penance of Hatred 00014967 Penance of Larceny 00014968
Penance of Pride 00014969 Perdition's Wrath 00082DE3
Pounder 0003BF66 Purging Flame 00014961
Quality Battle Axe Ember 0003DAF1 Quality Battle Axe Shiver 0003DB7A
Quality Battle Axe Soul Trap 00035385 Quality Battle Axe Spark 0002B573
Quintessence of Remorse 000149E5
Redwave 00095A3F
Renault's Akaviri Katana 00066C44 Retaliation of Blood 000149ED
Retaliation of Spirit 000149EF Retribution of Aggression 000149E7
Retribution of Cowardness 000149E6 Retribution of Hubris 000149E9
Retribution of Hypocrisy 000149EA Retribution of Rapacity 000149E8
Retribution of Treachery 000149EC Revealer of Iniquity 0001494E
Rockshatter 00014EC6 Rohssan's Antique Cutlass 0001C14B
Rugdumph's Sword 0000BEA6 Ruined Akaviri Katana 000980DF
Ruma's Staff 0001FB1C Rusty Iron Bow 00047ACA
Rusty Iron Dagger 00090616 Rusty Iron Mace 00090614
Rusty Iron Shortsword 00090615 Rusty Iron War Axe 00090613
Sanguine Rose 000228EF
Shadowhunt 00034897 Sharpened Cutlass 000055AB
Shimmerstrike 0002990E Shortsword of Absorption 0003841E
Shortsword of Blizzards 000230AC Shortsword of Brittleness 0003D7BE
Shortsword of Burning 0003DAF7 Shortsword of Cold 0002259C
Shortsword of Depletion 000387AB Shortsword of Depletion 0003D7EB
Shortsword of Diminishing 0003D7D7 Shortsword of Disintegration 0003D7CA
Shortsword of Dispel 0003D7D0 Shortsword of Embers 0003DAEE
Shortsword of Enfeeblement 000389E7 Shortsword of Fire 0003DB12
Shortsword of Flames 0003DB09 Shortsword of Fracturing 0003D7C2
Shortsword of Fragments 0003D7BA Shortsword of Freezing 00022643
Shortsword of Frost 0003DB77 Shortsword of Jinxing 0003AB71
Shortsword of Jolts 0002D72E Shortsword of Lightning 0002C281
Shortsword of Numbing 0003DB80 Shortsword of Pain 0003D7E1
Shortsword of Paralysis 0002B55F Shortsword of Sapping 0003D7E7
Shortsword of Scorching 0003DB00 Shortsword of Shattering 0003D7C6
Shortsword of Shocking 0002BB17 Shortsword of Sparks 0002B567
Shortsword of Storms 0002C292 Shortsword of the Blaze 0003DB1B
Shortsword of the Dynamo 0002C00E Shortsword of the Fang 0003CB6A
Shortsword of the Glacier 00022EBD Shortsword of the Inferno 0003DB24
Shortsword of Voltage 0002BFF7 Shortsword of Weakness 0003AB42
Shortsword of Weariness 0003D7DD Shortsword of Winter 000230E2
Silver BattleAxe 00025221 Silver Bow 00025227
Silver Claymore 00025226 Silver Dagger 00025224
Silver Longsword 0002521F Silver Mace 00025223
Silver Shortsword 00025220 Silver War Axe 00025222
Silver Warhammer 00025225 Sinweaver 0000172E
Skull of Corruption 00027116 Spellbreaker 00027112
Staff of Anarchy 00091321 Staff of Apathy 000912EB
Staff of Banishment 000914D2 Staff of Blundering 000912D3
Staff of Burden 000912BE Staff of Calm 000912C1
Staff of Catastrophe 000912E2 Staff of Charm 000912C7
Staff of Conflagration 000914C5 Staff of Confusion 000912F1
Staff of Corrosion 000912FB Staff of Demoralize 000912F5
Staff of Diminishing 000914C4 Staff of Discord 000914CD
Staff of Dispel 000912FE Staff of Domination 000912D0
Staff of Fatigue 000912D9 Staff of Feeblemind 000912DF
Staff of Fire 00091325 Staff of Fireball 00091328
Staff of Flame 0001CECC Staff of Fragility 0009131E
Staff of Frailty 000912EE Staff of Frost 0009132B
Staff of Hoarfrost 000914C6 Staff of Ice Storm 0009132E
Staff of Indarys 0006B66D Staff of Legion 000914CC
Staff of Lethargy 0009131B Staff of Light 00091331
Staff of Lightning 000914B5 Staff of Nenalata 00058EEC
Staff of Open 00091333 Staff of Pacification 000914C9
Staff of Paralyzing Burst 00091337 Staff of Ruin 00091301
Staff of Severing 000912E5 Staff of Sickness 000912DC
Staff of Silence 000914BB Staff of Storms 000914B8
Staff of Submission 000914CB Staff of Sundering 00091315
Staff of Taming 000912CD Staff of Telekinesis 000914BE
Staff of the Battlemage 000493BD Staff of the Dazed 0009130F
Staff of the Doomed 00091312 Staff of the Everscamp 0004F790
Staff of the Grave 000914C1 Staff of the Healer 000914D1
Staff of the Mundane 000914D0 Staff of the Oaf 00091304
Staff of the Pariah 000912E8 Staff of the Plague 00091307
Staff of the Weary 0009130B Staff of Thunderbolts 000914C7
Staff of Unholy Terror 00056E50 Staff of Vulnerability 000914CF
Staff of Weakness 000912D6 Staff of Withering 000914C3
Staff of Worms 0004A24E Steel Battle Axe 000229B6
Steel Bow 000229B7 Steel Claymore 000229B8
Steel Cutlass 0003AA82 Steel Dagger 000229B9
Steel Longsword 000229BA Steel Mace 000229BB
Steel Shortsword 00047ABF Steel War Axe 000229BD
Steel Warhammer 000229BE Storm Bow 0003CD08
Sufferthorn 000347EB Sword of Submission 0003BF63
Sword of Wounding 0003CD02
Tempest 0003CCFE Thieves Dagger 0003E45C
Truncheon of Submission 000CA157 Thornblade 0006B661
Unfinished Staff 000355A6 Umbra 00026B22
Volendrung 00027108 Voltag 0003BF62
Wabbajack 000228F0
War Axe of Absorption 00038420 War Axe of Beguilement 0004F036
War Axe of Blizzards 000230AD War Axe of Burning 0003DAF8
War Axe of Cold 000225B4 War Axe of Damnation 000353C5
War Axe of Decay 0003B408 War Axe of Deception 0003539B
War Axe of Depletion 000387AF War Axe of Diminishing 0003D7D8
War Axe of Dispel 0003D7D1 War Axe of Dissolution 0003B409
War Axe of Embers 0003DAEF War Axe of Enfeeblement 000389EB
War Axe of Feeding 0003B401 War Axe of Fire 0003DB13
War Axe of Flames 0003DB0A War Axe of Fracturing 0003B40B
War Axe of Freezing 00022647 War Axe of Frost 0003DB78
War Axe of Jinxing 0003AB72 War Axe of Jolts 0002B58B
War Axe of Lightning 0002C283 War Axe of Numbing 0003DB81
War Axe of Putrification 0003B40D War Axe of Rending 0003B40F
War Axe of Sapping 0004F038 War Axe of Scorching 0003DB01
War Axe of Seduction 00035396 War Axe of Shocking 0002BD0F
War Axe of Siphoning 0003B400 War Axe of Soul Snares 000353CB
War Axe of Soul Traps 00035398 War Axe of Souls 0003537A
War Axe of Sparks 0002B571 War Axe of Storms 0002C296
War Axe of the Blaze 0003DB1C War Axe of the Dynamo 0002C020
War Axe of the Glacier 00023003 War Axe of the Inferno 0003DB25
War Axe of Transmogrify 0003B405 War Axe of Voltage 0002BFF8
War Axe of Weakness 0003AB44 War Axe of Winter 000230E3
Warhammer of Abeyance 00035A24 Warhammer of Absorption 0003841B
Warhammer of Aversion 000353D2 Warhammer of Blizzards 000230D3
Warhammer of Burning 0003DAF9 Warhammer of Cold 000225D8
Warhammer of Deadweight 000387BD Warhammer of Decay 0003AF06
Warhammer of Depletion 000387B0 Warhammer of Diminishing 0003D7D9
Warhammer of Dispel 0003D7D2 Warhammer of Dissolution 0003AF09
Warhammer of Embers 0003DAF0 Warhammer of Encumbrance 000387B9
Warhammer of Enfeeblement 000389EA Warhammer of Excess 000387BB
Warhammer of Feeding 000387A9 Warhammer of Fire 0003DB14
Warhammer of Flames 0003DB0B Warhammer of Fracturing 0003AF0B
Warhammer of Freezing 00022650 Warhammer of Frost 0003DB79
Warhammer of Holy Light 00035AAE Warhammer of Jinxing 0003AB6D
Warhammer of Jolts 0002B58C Warhammer of Lightning 0002C284
Warhammer of Numbing 0003DB82 Warhammer of Overload 000387B8
Warhammer of Putrification 0003AF0C Warhammer of Rending 0003AF0F
Warhammer of Sapping 0004F03A Warhammer of Scorching 0003DB02
Warhammer of Shocking 0002BD6B Warhammer of Siphoning 000387A6
Warhammer of Sparks 0002B572 Warhammer of Storms 0002C298
Warhammer of Strain 000387B3 Warhammer of the Blaze 0003DB1D
Warhammer of the Dynamo 0002C025 Warhammer of the Glacier 00023087
Warhammer of the Grave 000353CE Warhammer of the Inferno 0003DB26
Warhammer of the Undead 00035AB6 Warhammer of Transmogrify 0003B406
Warhammer of Turning 00035644 Warhammer of Voltage 0002BFF9
Warhammer of Warding 000353CF Warhammer of Weakness 0003AB3E
Warhammer of Weight 000387B2 Warhammer of Winter 000230E4
Weight of Guilt 0001494D Witsplinter 0006B1C4