Oblivion Cheats: Arrow Codes

Arrow Codes for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PC

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is an action role-playing video game series by Bethesda Game Studios for the PC and has inspired many cheat codes, tips, secrets, and guides. Note: this is a reference page for the main Oblivion PC Cheats page.

Listed here and on the following pages are the give item arrows codes for use with the player.additem cheat code.

Arrow Codes

Arrow of Blizzards - 0004BF0BArrow of Brilliance - 00008A4DArrow of Burning - 0004BEFBArrow of Cleansing - 000CD53FArrow of Cold - 0004BF02Arrow of Cowardice - 0003DFDBArrow of Discord - 0003BF67Arrow of Dispel - 0004BF11Arrow of Drain Magicka - 0004BF00Arrow of Embers - 0004BF10Arrow of Extrication - 00022DB5Arrow of Fatigue - 0003DFD6Arrow of Fear - 0003DFD8Arrow of Fire - 0004BF07Arrow of Flames - 0004BF04Arrow of Freezing - 0004BF05Arrow of Frost - 0004BEF9Arrow of Harm - 0003DFD7Arrow of Hexing - 00159676Arrow of Illumination - 00008A4CArrow of Immolation - 000CD542Arrow of Jinxing - 0004BEFFArrow of Jolts - 0004BEFDArrow of Light - 00008A4FArrow of Lightning - 0004BF0CArrow of Misery - 0003DFD9Arrow of Numbing - 0004BEFCArrow of Qualms - 0003DFDAArrow of Savage Frost - 000CD540Arrow of Scorching - 0004BF01Arrow of Shocking - 0004BF03Arrow of Silence - 0003DFDCArrow of Sparks - 0004BEFAArrow of Stillness - 0003DFDDArrow of Storm Strike - 000CD543Arrow of Storms - 0004BF0FArrow of Sunlight - 0000BAD9Arrow of the Blaze - 0004BF0AArrow of the Dynamo - 0004BF09Arrow of the Glacier - 0004BF08Arrow of the Inferno - 0004BF0DArrow of the North Winds - 000CD545Arrow of Voltage - 0004BF06Arrow of Winter - 0004BF0EArrow of Withering - 0003CB6CDaedric Arrow - 0001EFD3Dremora Barbed Arrow - 000872A7Dremora Broadhead Arrow - 000872A6Dremora Field Arrow - 000872A5Dwarven Arrow - 00022BE2Ebony Arrow - 0001EFD5Elven Arrow - 000229C0Flare Arrow - 00008A4EGlass Arrow - 00022BE1Hatreds Soul Arrow - 00014EB3Iron Arrow - 00017829Magebane Arrow - 000CD544Rose of Sithis - 0003266DSilver Arrow - 0001EFD4Steel Arrow - 000229C1Stormcall Arrow - 000CD541