NVIDIA's Geforce RTX 4070 Promises Solid Performance at a Lower Price Point

Though it won't eclipse high-end GPUs

NVIDIA revealed its newest GeForce RTX graphics card, which promises solid performance for a (comparably) moderate price, and it's releasing very soon.

While you likely won't have to replace your computer's GPU anytime soon due to hardware failure, keeping up with modern video games is another story. This is why NVIDIA is releasing its new GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card—boasting high-end graphical settings and performance without a high-end cost.

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Compared to NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4070 Ti, released earlier this year, the RTX 4070 (sans "Ti") offers mostly-similar specs for around $200 less. Both GPUs provide 12GB of GDDR6X memory and claim a 240Hz refresh rate in 4K resolution—or 60Hz at 8K. The 4070 Ti does push the boost clock performance a little farther at 2.61 GHz (over the 4070's 2.48 GHz), and it contains more processing cores (7680 vs. 5888).

The GeForce 4070 also credits DLSS 3 (a process designed to push GPUs past their normal limits) for allowing games to reach over 100 frames per second when displayed in 1440p. Ray-tracing (often used for more realistic lighting in games) on the RTX 4070 promises improvements as well, supposedly able to handle more demanding effects despite its more modest limitations.

You can order your own GeForce RTX 4070 from tomorrow on, with prices starting at $599. A "Founders Edition" (with a factory overclock for boosted performance) will also be available directly from NVIDIA on the same day.

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