This Is the Number of iPods Sold All-Time

the original ipod
The Device That Started It All: The Original iPod. image credit: Apple Inc.

The iPod has been an unquestioned and rarely equaled success. It transformed Apple, the way users interact with music, and when combined with the iTunes Store, the music industry itself. The speed at which its sales grew is almost impossible to believe for a device that costs hundreds of dollars and lasts for years.

Looking at the history of iPod sales is impressive, especially when looking at the big gains in how many iPods were sold worldwide in just a few quarters and years (check out the 8 months between March and November 2005: 15 million sold!).

This list of the total number of iPods sold illustrates the growth of the iPod. The sales figures are based on Apple announcements (usually during quarterly financial reporting) and numbers are approximate. The figures listed here are cumulative; for instance, the December 2014 number is the total number of iPods sold from its introduction to that time.

How Many iPods Have Been Sold All Time

The easy answer to the question of how many iPods have been sold all time is over 400 million.

But this chart provides a more detailed look at iPod sales over time and how the release of popular models effected sales.

Cumulative Worldwide iPod Sales, All Time
Date Event Total Sales
July 2015 6th Gen. iPod touch released  
December 2014   390 million
December 2013   375 million
September 2012 7th Gen. iPod nano released
5th Gen. iPod touch released
350 million
January 2011   304 milion
September 2010 6th Gen. iPod nano released
4th Gen. iPod Shuffle released
4th Gen. iPod touch released
275 million
September 2009 5th Gen. iPod nano released
3rd Gen. iPod touch released
220 million
March 2009 3rd Gen. iPod Shuffle released  
September 2008 4th Gen. iPod nano released
2nd Gen. iPod touch released
April 2008   152 million
October 2007   120 million
September 2007 iPod Classic released
3rd Gen. iPod nano released
1st Gen. iPod touch released
110 million
June 2007 Original iPhone released  
April 2007   100 million
September 2006 2nd Gen. iPod nano released
2nd Gen. iPod Shuffle released
January 2006   42 million
November 2005   30 million
October 2005 iPod Video released  
September 2005 1st Gen. iPod nano released  
March 2005   15 million
January 2005 1st Gen. iPod Shuffle released  
December 2004   10 million
October 2004 iPod Photo released 3.7 million
May 2004   3 million
January 2004   2 million
April 2003 3rd Gen. iPod released  
January 2003   600,000
July 2002 2nd Gen. iPod released  
December 2001   25,000
October 2001 Original iPod released  

The Diminishing iPod Line

While the iPod product line used to include the iPod Classic, iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod Shuffle, the lineup is shrinking. The Classic was discontinued in Sept. 2014 and while the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle were both discontinued in July 2017.

Only the iPod touch has been significantly updated since fall 2012. Combine that with slowing sales of the iPod — only about 45 million sold in the 18 months between January 2011 and September 2012 — and the continued explosion of the iPhone and it's clear that the iPod isn't the star it once was.

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The End of iPod Sales Figures

All good things come to an end, and that's certainly true for the iPod. Despite selling more than 400 million units all time, the iPod is dwindling away, being replaced by the iPhone, which sells as many units in a quarter as the iPod often did in a year. 

After years of steady, quarter-by-quarter declines in sales, Apple stopped providing separate sales figures for the iPod in January 2015. It makes sense: why call attention to a once-proud product that's fading away? Instead, Apple now includes iPod sales lumped into the "Other Products" line in its quarterly financial reporting. That's a catch-all category for anything that's not an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or a service. 

There's no telling how much longer the iPod line will continue. It's a safe assumption that the touch will hang around for a while since it's so similar to the iPhone and still, reportedly, a good seller. With that being the only remaining model, it's likely that the ultimate end of the iPod line isn't that far away.