NReal Releases AR Streaming Glasses in the US That Can Project Huge Video

A 200-inch virtual screen for gaming, work, movies, and more

The NReal Air augmented reality (AR) glasses have been available in Europe since May, but they are finally launching in the good-ole USA. 

These consumer-grade AR glasses offer plenty of snazzy features intended primarily for streaming video or playing games, with the ability to project an extremely large virtual screen in front of the user’s face. Just how large? Up to 200 inches of OLED goodness. 

NReal Air


Unlike the standalone NReal Light mixed-reality glasses, the Air models require a device such as a smartphone or computer for connections. These glasses connect via HDMI, so devices—like iPhones—may need an adapter of some kind for a stable connection. NReal has you covered here, selling a proprietary HDMI-to-Lightning adapter for Apple products. 

Once you get connected, however, you will find a robust OLED display with a 100,000:1 contrast ratio, a brightness value of 400 nits, and a 46-degree field of view. The virtual screen has also been highly touted by the company as the perfect companion for Xbox Cloud gaming sessions. 

NReal says these glasses are compatible with all of the major gaming consoles, including the Steam Deck and PCs. To that end, M2-equipped Mac computers can now integrate with the company’s Nebula software platform, allowing consumers to use the glasses as a floating virtual display to add a bit of high-tech future gloss to the workday. 

Preorders for the Air AR glasses are ongoing at Amazon, with an official USA launch date of October 4. They cost $380, but can you really put a price tag on laying in bed while watching a giant floating simulacrum of Ted Lasso

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