Now You Can Use Twitter to Share a Secret With 150 Close Friends

Twitter Circle is available for everyone

Twitter has officially rolled out its Twitter Circle feature to everyone after testing it in beta with a select group since May. 

The company dropped the news in a tweet this morning, announcing that anyone on the platform can now access the feature. Twitter Circle allows you to send tweets to a limited audience of up to 150 of your nearest and dearest friends. 

Twitter Circle

Unsplash / Jeremy Bezanger

This feature has obvious benefits, as these selective tweets would be free from online trolls, employers, and other prying eyes. In theory, Twitter Circle will allow for more intimate and nuanced conversations without the threat of hijack from outside parties. 

Posts cannot be shared outside of the circle, which is nice, though people can still screenshot the content and tweet it to a general audience. In other words, exercising some caution is still recommended. 

You can add anyone to your circle, even if they don't follow you, which could be a quick-and-dirty way to have a conversation about a shared interest, such as sports or, uh, Star Trek. The platform also makes it easy to remove someone from a circle if they start acting up or if you just want to rule your circle with an iron fist. 

The feature is available right now to anyone with an active Twitter account. The process has also been streamlined from the beta, as there is a Twitter Circle option directly on the "compose tweet" menu. Just click the dropdown, choose your participants, and go hog wild. 

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