Now You Can Pay For Even More Snapchat

Snapchat+ adds exclusive features and early access

If you've wanted a little more out of Snapchat, there's a new Snapchat+ subscription tier for that.

The app's new Snapchat+ subscription provides more features, which you can pay a monthly fee to use (or test out early, in some instances). While Snapchat hasn't gone into detail about these features, the implication seems to be that it will act as a sort of early access testing ground, with some additional perks on the side.

The Snapchat application logo displayed on the screen of a smartphone

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A Snapchat+ subscription will, according to Snapchat, "... deliver new Snapchat features to some of the most passionate members of our community and allow us to provide prioritized support." Membership grants access to some unspecified exclusive app features, but there's more to it.

Members will also be able to try some features out before they release to the rest of the user base—possibly also providing feedback to help refine them, but Snapchat hasn't commented on this. In some cases, subscribers will also be able to test experimental features well before they go live (or are axed).

Snapchat+ is available now for $3.99 per month for users in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the UK. To sign up, you just have to select the Snapchat+ option from your personal Snapchat profile page.

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