Now You Can Buy Your Favorite Things in Instagram Chat

Impulse buying just got easier

You can now buy directly from businesses through Instagram chats, complete with product details and tracking.

Instagram is making it easier to buy directly from your favorite businesses without leaving the app, with the addition of direct purchases through chats. More specifically, you can send a direct message to a business about an item you're interested in and then pay for it from that message.

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So long as the poster has a business account, all you have to do is wait for them to send you a payment request. Unless you want to discuss additional details like sizes, colors, possible customizations, and so on first.

From there, the business can accept payment, confirm your purchase, then package and ship your item. Businesses can also share order details and tracking info with you through the same direct message chain, so you can follow its progress.

Instagram Chat purchase details


Payments made through Instagram (via messages or otherwise) claim anti-fraud monitoring for any unauthorized activity. Data security is also promised, with purchase information being kept separate from your account, and your payment details won't be shared with anyone. Verification through PIN, fingerprint, or face ID is also available.

Purchases through chat are available now from qualified Instagram business accounts. Payments are made through Meta Pay. Any purchases made won't be displayed publicly unless you decide to share them on your feed.

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