Now You Can Buy Just the OLED Switch Dock, if You Want

You'll need to provide or purchase the cables, though

Nintendo has put the dock for the Switch OLED up for sale separately, in case you want an extra TV connection or want to update your old dock.

Anyone who's been looking for a new or extra dock for their Switch or has been waiting for a slight upgrade can now buy an OLED dock as a separate hardware accessory, according to Nintendo Life. So if you already have a Switch or want a new/additional dock for it, you have one more option available.

Switch OLED dock


The main differences between the OLED dock and the original dock are the addition of a LAN port and a removable backplate. The LAN port replaces one of the two USB ports from the original dock, so that's one less wired controller connection, but it gives you an alternative option to using wifi.

The back plate is more of a cosmetic change, which keeps the connected cables covered up and tidy.

However, you'll have to purchase or supply your own cables for the OLED dock. It's currently being sold standalone, so it doesn't include the necessary AC power cable or HDMI cable to connect to your TV. If you want to use the LAN port, you'll also need an ethernet cable, as well.

Switch OLED


Switch OLED docks are available for purchase directly through Nintendo's online store and will set you back $69.99 ($87.49 for Canadians).

If you also order the necessary cables, the total will be closer to $108 ($29.99 for the AC adapter, $7.99 for the HDMI cable).

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