Opera Now Supports All-Emoji Web Addresses

Not Webdings, actual emojis

Opera (the other, other web browser) has become the self-professed first browser in history to allow for web navigation using only emojis.

This is possible through a recently announced partnership with Yat, a company that can provide users with their own personal string of emojis to act as a sort of ID. The team-up makes it possible to enter an arrangement of emojis to navigate to a Yat page, which can then redirect to other websites.

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According to the announcement, users (companies, brands, etc.) can set up a personalized string of emojis, which will then create a Yat page. From there, the page can be customized to act as a portfolio, bio page, and so on, or redirect to any other URL—effectively working as an all-emoji alternative. A prominent example given is rapper Lil Wayne's page directing people to his record label.

The new emoji functionality in Opera provides other benefits as well, with Yat web addresses able to drop the ".y.at" from the URL. It will also allow embedded emojis on web pages to link directly to their associated Yat page.

Opera x Yat


"This integration is a testament to Opera's continued innovation in the web browser space," said Naveen Jain, co-founder, and CEO of Yat, in the press release. "We are thrilled to be partnering with them to make URLs more user-friendly and expressive while giving yat creators more visibility on the web."

Emoji integration for Opera should be available now to all Opera users. You'll need to set up a Yat page in order to create your emoji URL, but existing emoji links will work in the browser, regardless.

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