Now Nintendo Switch Can Connect to Bluetooth Audio Devices

Wires and tangles and snares, goodbye!

You can (finally) connect wireless Bluetooth audio devices such as speakers and headphones to your Nintendo Switch.

Four years after its release, Nintendo has added the ability to pair Bluetooth audio devices to the Switch in a new update. So now you can finally connect a wireless speaker, headphones, or earbuds to your console—with a couple of caveats.

Person using a Switch with wired headphones


According to Nintendo, you can have up to 10 different Bluetooth devices saved to your Switch, but you can only use one of them at a time. So no multi-speaker setups or pairing multiple headsets simultaneously. Bluetooth connectivity is also limited to audio output only—so no microphones, either.

You'll also have to be mindful of how many wireless controllers (Joy-Cons, Pro Controllers, etc.) you're using. Nintendo says that you can't connect any Bluetooth devices when more than two wireless controllers are also in use. So if you're playing something solo or with one other person, no problem. But if you're planning a four-player party, no Bluetooth for you.

Wireless headphones on bright background

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Instructions for pairing a Bluetooth device with your Switch are pretty straightforward. If you've paired Bluetooth speakers or headsets with anything before, it's pretty much the same deal.

The only difference is you have to go into the Switch's system settings and go to the new Bluetooth Audio menu to tell the console to search for something to connect to. You'll also have to jump into the system menu if you want to reconnect your device—just make sure it isn't already paired with anything else first.

The new Switch update is now live, and your Switch should prompt you when you attempt to start up any software. If it doesn't, you can manually install the update via the system settings.

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