Now Microsoft Teams Works Right Inside Meta's Workplace

Better together

Microsoft Teams is integrating with Meta's Workplace (formerly Facebook's Workplace) so you can livestream video right into your Workplace Groups.

The new collaboration between Microsoft and Meta, announced on Wednesday, will allow you to use both apps' features simultaneously without having to switch between them. According to a Workplace blog post, the Workplace app will get a new home in the Teams navigation bar so both apps can integrate seamlessly. 

Microsoft Teams and Meta Workplace integration


Other handy features of the new integration include the ability to stream from Teams Meetings into Workplace groups, enabling you to watch live meetings and events on either app or watch a Workplace recording from a previous meeting.

Microsoft said the future of remote work is not just one platform but the ability to collaborate and use multiple platforms to get work done. 

"One thing I learned from [working from home] is that companies don't just rely on one tool to get their work done, so it is our responsibility as leaders in the space to make sure the tools they use integrate and interoperate with each other," said Jeff Teper, CVP Product & Engineering, Microsoft Teams, in the announcement.

It's important to note that you'll only be able to share information from Workplace to Teams right now, not the other way around. However, the company said that streaming from Teams to Workplace will be available early next year. 

The new Teams and Workplace collaboration builds on a pre-existing partnership between the two companies. Customers who have both Teams and Workplace can currently integrate Office 365 tools such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint from Workplace. There's also OneDrive integration between the two platforms that link folders and files to a Workplace group for content previews, access, and collaboration.

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