Nothing's New Ear Stick Offers Big, Powerful Sound in Slim Form Factor

And it costs just $100

London-based gadget manufacturer Nothing is back with the launch of its third product, the Nothing Ear Stick.

Contrary to the name, this is not a stick you slide into your ear canal. Instead, the Ear Stick is just a pair of earbuds, albeit with some interesting and unique specifications. Nothing’s newest creation boasts a comfortable half-in-ear design and an extremely light form factor, 4.4 grams each, to allow for longer use sessions. 

Nothing Ear Stick


Nothing says the 12.6mm dynamic audio driver included with the Ear Stick is "one of the most sensitive in the market" and excels with "clear highs and bold details." To that end, Nothing's new earbuds are set apart from even the company's Ear 1 earbuds, due to high-grade driver magnets that strengthen the diaphragm for consistent sound quality at low and high volumes. 

These earbuds also feature a proprietary Bass Lock technology that starts with AI-assisted software measuring the ear canal and adjusting the bass frequency response accordingly. In other words, each person gets their own unique EQ curve. 

The Ear Stick earbuds lack active noise cancellation (ANC) but feature the company's Clear Voice Technology, which leverages a trio of microphones to filter out loud background noise during calls. 

Ear Stick Case


The storage case doubles as a charger and takes visual cues from standard lipstick cases. Battery life is around seven hours per charge in the case, with the case itself allowing for three charges before needing to hit a power outlet. That adds up to about 21 hours of use per actual charge. The case is a quick-charging device, so ten minutes is all it takes to get two hours of listening time. 

The Ear Stick launches on November 4 and will be available on the company’s website and at select retailers. These earbuds cost $100, which is significantly cheaper than Nothing’s other earbuds. 

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