Nothing’s New Ear (2) Earbuds Promise Improved Everything and Are Out Today

With a $50 price increase over the originals

Nothing has revealed the details on its new Ear (2) earbuds, and you won't have to wait long to grab a pair for yourself.

The Ear (1) earbuds from Nothing made a big impression on Lifewire when they were released in 2021, But now the old Ear (1) buds are out, with Nothing premiering the all-new Ear (2) on YouTube earlier today.

Nothing Ear (2) earbuds promotional photo


Aside from simply being new, the Ear (2) earbuds promise several features you'd expect from high-end audio devices—while still being priced lower than some competitors. Noise cancellation up to 40 dB provides what Nothing claims is a more thorough level of sound control, able to pick up on (and block out) frequencies that similar features may miss.

The sound quality, in general, was a big focus, with Nothing developing its own custom 11.6mm dynamic driver that it says creates richer bass tones over its predecessor. Additionally, Ear (2) buds continue to support AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs but will now also cover LHDC 5.0, allowing the earbuds to handle high-resolution audio.

Depending on how you use them (i.e. talking with ANC on, audio playback without ANC, with or without the charging case, etc), Ear (2) promises between three and 36 hours of use. While the Qi-certified fast charging boasts an eight-hour charge (with ANC off) in 10 minutes.

The buds themselves offer IP54 resistance to water and dust (IP55 for the charging case), as well as fast pairing with Google and Microsoft hardware. In-ear detection is also part of the feature list, along with a dual connection feature that Nothing says will let the earbuds connect to two separate devices and quickly switch between them.

Where to Buy Nothing Ear (2)

You can order a pair of Nothing Ear (2) earbuds for yourself now, directly from Nothing's own online store. Or you can find the Nothing Ear (2) earbuds at Kith Stores in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles starting Thursday, March 23, with open sales beginning Tuesday, March 28.

Regardless of where you order or buy them from, an Ear (2) pair will cost you $149,99.

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