Nothing Unveils Launch Plans for the Phone (2)—Bound for the US 'This Summer'

Details about the hardware and pricing remain a mystery


5/15/2023 - Nothing confirmed via e-mail that the Nothing Phone (2) will release in the US "this summer," though the company did not provide an exact date.

The enigmatic Nothing Phone (2) has an official release date of sorts, but Nothing remains tight-lipped about other details.

A short and simple tweet from the official Nothing Twitter account confirms that the Phone (2) is on the way, with the company stating that the new flagship will be "Nothing at its best." Though just how much of an improvement it may be over its predecessor is still a mystery.

Hand holding a Nothing Phone (1)


As Inverse points out in an interview with Nothing CEO Carl Pei, US residents who wanted a Nothing Phone (1) had to import one or spend $299 on a restricted "beta membership." However, in that same interview, Pei states that Nothing will be giving the US market more consideration for its next phone—which is, of course, the Nothing Phone (2).

Pei went on to explain that the Phone (2) will be "more premium" than the Phone (1), much like the new phone's current (and vague) marketing, but wouldn't divulge any specifics. All we really have to go on is a closely cropped looping video of a blinking red light on what appears to be the back of the new hardware.

Despite the lack of official details, there are some relatively safe assumptions we can make about the Nothing Phone (2) ahead of its release. If the teaser video does indeed show the back of the Phone (2), then it looks like the Phone (1)'s visually distinct Glyph interface may be gone—or possibly tucked behind less transparent glass.

Nothing Phone (2) teaser


It's also likely that the Android 13-powered Nothing OS will be making a comeback since it was a staple of the original hardware. And it's not unreasonable to believe the Phone (2) will incrementally improve the display, camera system, battery life, and performance—but there's no way to be certain just yet.

Nothing expects to release the Phone (2) in the UK at an unspecified date later "this summer," which could mean anywhere between the beginning of June and the end of August. It appears (according to an email shared with Lifewire) that Phone (2) will also be coming to the US around the same time. To stay in the loop, sign up on the Nothing website for updates.

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