Nokia Welcomes Android 13 and the April Security Patch to the G11 Plus

More personalization, updated media sharing, and improved privacy

Android 13 is making its way onto the Nokia G11 Plus, bringing several changes and improvements along with it.

Nokia has a number of Android phones in its lineup these days, with the G11 Plus being the latest model to include Android 13 compatibility. According to Nokia Power User (NPU), the 2.4GB update is confirmed to be out in some markets already and brings the OS up to version 2.420.

Nokia G11 Plus smartphones


As for what you can expect in the Android 13 update for the G11 Plus, the primary highlights include media, notification, and app icon changes. You'll be able to create themed app icons for apps other than just ones made by Google for more of a personal touch on your home screen.

Photo Picker will now let you select specific images and videos to share rather than defaulting to sharing your entire library. Downloaded apps will begin asking for notification permissions so you can opt out if you desire. And the Media Player will showcase album covers and a "dancing playback bar" when you listen to music.

Nokia G11 Plus front and back


On top of the regular OS updating, installing Android 13 on the G11 Plus also improves security and privacy with the 2023-04 Security Patch. The patch closes off 25 different system vulnerabilities that could otherwise be exploited by outside parties to steal information, hijack devices, etc. So if you aren't in a rush to put Android 13 on your G11 Plus, it's worth reconsidering for the sake of your phone's security.

The Android 13 update for the Nokia G11 Plus should be rolling out today in India, along with the April security update. Though NPU points out it may not be available for all regions and markets simultaneously, you might have to wait a bit longer if it's not showing up for you yet.

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