Nokia Brings the Budget-Friendly G20 to the US

Yet another affordable phone is coming to US consumers

Nokia is finally bringing its affordable G20 to the US, promising two years of updates and a battery designed to last as long as three days on a single charge.

The Nokia G20 is the latest of Nokia’s smartphones to make the jump to the US market, and it’s one that consumers may want to keep an eye on if they are looking for an affordable option. According to ArsTechnica, the G20 will retail for just $199 and include up to three days of battery life when fully charged. It is currently set to arrive in the US on July 1.

The Nokia G20 smartphone


The G20 will feature a 6.5-inch screen and a Mediatek G35 system on a chip (SoC). It’s notable that the G20 doesn’t feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, as those tend to be the more popular SoCs in the US.

However, Mediatek’s processors have been picking up steam in the international market, as they feature ARM-based cores that are equivalent to some of Qualcomm’s processors.

The real star of the show for the Nokia G20, however, is the 5050 mAh battery and the promise of two years of Android updates. This is especially notable in the budget phone market, as some manufacturers have started to only offer one year of major updates to their more affordable phones.

Nokia G20 android smartphone


The camera setup is a bit more complex than you might find on some within this category. The main camera features a 48 MP lens, a 5 MP wide-angle, a 2 MP “depth” camera, and a 2 MP “macro” option.

Expect the Nokia G20 to arrive at the start of next month. At the moment, it’s unclear if any specific carriers will offer the device, or if users will simply buy it outright at supporting retailers.

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