The Best 6 Hidden Features of the Nokia 8

Dual Sight, OZO, Smart Lock, and more

Thanks to an array of high-end features, the Nokia 8 smartphone stands out from the lower-end Nokia smartphones models that came before it. Here are five reasons to consider the Nokia 8.

As of the end of 2016 HMD Global, owns the rights to make and sell smartphones under the Nokia brand.

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Upgrade Your OS: Android 9

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Nokia's flagship smartphone comes with Android 8.0 Oreo, which can you can now upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie. No bloatware (pre-installed apps) or custom skin gets in the way of your experience. Oreo comes with better battery life, improved notification management, picture-in-picture mode, and several security enhancements. Android Pie adds more notification options, a better do-no-disturb mode, and an app usage dashboard so that you can track your screen time.

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One Phone, Three Cameras: Dual Sight

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The Nokia 8 boasts two 13 megapixel cameras on the back (one color-sensitive and one monochrome) and a color-sensitive 13-megapixel selfie camera in the front. The device even lets you use both the front and back cameras simultaneously for taking split-screen images and video using a feature called Dual Sight, aka “bothies.” Video “bothies” are an excellent feature for vloggers who want to show viewers what they're up to without taking the camera away from their face.

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Ambient Sound Recording: OZO

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The Nokia 8 has three separate microphones that allow users to capture 360-degree spatial audio. This high-fidelity audio recording technology, which Nokia has dubbed OZO, claims to capture all ambient sounds, with the option to focus on the conversation. OZO also has tools called Audio Focus, which reduces background noise, and Audio Windscreen, which cuts out wind noise. High-quality audio makes for higher-quality videos, so this feature is helpful if you want to do a lot of recording on your phone.

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Custom Security Preferences: Smart Lock

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The built-in fingerprint sensor is very convenient and secure, but you can use Smart Lock to further customize your security preferences. For example, you can make a list of “Trusted Places” where your phone remains always unlocked (such as your home). You can even bypass security measures when you connect a specific Bluetooth device such as your headphones. The new Trusted Voices feature also allows you to unlock your phone with your voice.

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Fast Charging: Quick Charge 3.0

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Need to charge your phone in a rush? Nokia 8 supports the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 standard, so you'll have a full day’s worth of battery life in just 20-30 minutes. This technology is built into the phone, so it'll charge faster even when using a regular USB 2.0 cable.

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Never Overheat: Liquid Cooling

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Because it comes loaded with a Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM, the Nokia 8 can handle resource-intensive operations. Usually, this would cause the device to overheat. However, the phone has a graphite-shielded copper cooling pipe to disperse heat. Therefore, the phone remains cool, no matter how trying the circumstances.