How to Use Dual Sight on Nokia 8

Two (or three) cameras on one phone equals dozens of sweet shots

What to Know

  • Photos: Open Camera app > hold phone horizontally > person icon > Dual. Frame and focus, then tap shutter.
  • Video: Open Camera app > person icon > Dual > tap video icon, then choose Record or Live.

This article explains how to use Dual Sight mode on a Nokia 8 smartphone to take a split-screen image using the device's front and rear cameras.

Recording bothies on the Nokia 8

How to Use Dual Sight

Here's how to record a bothie on the Nokia 8:

  1. Open the Camera app on your Nokia 8.

  2. Hold the phone in portrait orientation to display a menu at the top. Tap the icon that looks like a person.

  3. You're presented with three options: Single, Dual, and P-I-P. Tap Dual.

  4. You should see the view from both cameras. Frame and focus the picture, then tap the Shutter icon to capture it.

  5. If you want to capture video, tap the video icon. Then tap Record to capture video or tap Live if you want to live stream.

  6. If you choose to live stream, select either Facebook Live or YouTube. Follow the instructions to link your account, if necessary.

  7. Go back to the camera view. Check that you're in video mode and tap Record.

    You can optionally give the live stream a name or skip it and tap OK.

  8. To exit Dual Sight mode, tap Single on the drop-down menu or close the Camera app.

What is the Nokia Dual Sight Mode?

The Nokia 8 features two 13MP + 13MP primary cameras from Zeiss, alongside a 13MP selfie camera. With Dual Sight, you can use all three cameras at the same time to capture split-screen images and videos with you and your subject simultaneously in the frame.

Nokia isn't the first smartphone company to do this. Still, they're the first to combine the Dual Sight mode with a fully-functioning live streaming system that connects to Facebook Live and YouTube.

When Should You Use Dual Sight Mode?

Dual Sight has advantages. It makes it easier to capture niche reaction videos alongside live telecasts of sports matches and concerts. Plus, it's a fun feature to have when you want a picture together with a distant loved one, or so you can record your baby's first steps side-by-side with your reaction in a single clip.

Using dual sight mode on the Nokia 8
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