The No-Nonsense, Spoiler-Free Walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII, Part 6

Part six of our quick and dirty walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII!

Mideel - Southern Continent

Mideel doesn't have much to offer you except for a heaping dose of streaming hot plot. Feel free to run around and talk to run around and talk to the townspeople and then when you're ready to mvoe forward, go to the local "hospital" where Tifa will abandon you and you'll start the mission to find the pieces of Huge Materia. 

Your next destination is one of two locations. You can either go to Fort Condor, where Shinra are trying to commit another ecological atrocity by killing the Condor on top of the reactor to get at the Huge Materia contained within, or you can go to the Corel Mountains, where Shinra is transporting a piece of Huge Materia by train, which threatens to wipe out the tent village of North Corel whose inhabitants decided for some reason that train tracks were a great location for their settlement. 

In this walkthrough we're arbitrarily going to Fort Condor first. 

Fort Condor - Near Junon

Fly the Highwind to the area near Junon where you'll find Fort Condor. You passed by here and may have even stopped in earlier in the game and it's still as depressing as it was earlier. 

Shinra is sending troops up the mountain and the inhabitants of Fort Condor are counting on you to push back the assault. There are two ways to do this. You can do it by playing the mini games, where you use gil to purchase troops and defensive mechanisms, or you can cheat and just take on one weak boss and be victorious. 

We went with the easy way. Raise the time speed to its highest level and just wait for the first enemy to reach the fort. You'll enter a boss battle with the dreaded Commander Grandhorn. 

Boss Battle - Commander Grandhorn

This guy is honestly at just above the power level of regular enemies you're facing at this point in the game. Just attack him with whatever until he dies. 

After the battle you can go up to the top of the mountain and grab the Phoenix Materia and your first Huge Materia! After that, leave immediately and never come back!

Your next destination is the birthplace of Barret and world-record holder for both Most Depressing Place and Worst Village Placement: North Corel. 

North Corel - Corel Mountains 

Once you get to North Corel, head back along the path you came through when you first went through the Corel Mountains towards the Mako Reactor. I bet you thought that thing was just for show, but surprise! Now, fourteen or fifteen hours later, you get to discover the secret held within: Huge Materia! Once you get to the reactor, you'll find that the Huge Materia is already loaded onboard a train which is speeding toward North Corel. 

In order to catch the Shinra choo-choo, you commandeer a choo-choo of your own. To speed ahead, you must alternate the levers as quickly as possible, and if you do it the right way you should catch up to the Shinra train in less than a minute. You'll board the train and have to fight your way to the engine, where Cid will stop the train and save the day. 

The alternative is that you don't make it to the engine in time and the Shinra thrain hurtles through North Corel, destroying part of the village before crashing. Regardless of what happens, you'll get the second Huge Materia. Now it's time to go back to Mideel to see how Cloud and Tifa are doing. 

Mideel - Southern Continent

Head to the clinic and visit Cloud and Tifa. Cloud's condition hasn't changed much, but luckily plot will rear its head in the form of earthquakes. Then you'll meet the first of the five friendly weapons you'll get to know over the course of the game: Ultimate Weapon. 

Boss Battle - Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate Weapon is a glass cannon.  He has low HP, but a very strong offense, so you're going to have to hit him hard with everything you've got before he has a chance to whittle your party down. Use your strongest magic, summons and physical attacks to bring him down. 

After the fight, Mideel is destroyed and a bunch of important plot strings get resolved. Cloud rejoins the party and the search for the remaining two chunks of Huge Materia is on. Cait Sith says there's one in the underwater materia reactor near Junon, so it's to Junon we go. 

Junon - Shinra Military Base

In the tunnel just past where the sliding freight elevator is, take a left down the tunnel and enter the doorway on the north wall. Proceed down the tunnel and enter the reactor and you'll then have to give chase to Shinra troops carrying the Huge Materia, and on the way you'll be stopped by what is probably the strongest boss you've faced yet: Carry Armor. 

Boss Battle - Carry Armor

There's no real trick to defeating Carry Armor other than keeping up a strong offense, while also keeping your health up. Though they're attracted to the main body, Carry Armor's arms count as separate targets. The arms have the ability to grab one character and prevent them from taking action until that arm is destroyed. 

Your best bet is to target the arms first to negate Carry Armor's character nullifying ability, and explot its weakness to Lightning magic by using Bolt 3 paired with an All materia so you can hit all three parts simultaneously. 

Carry Armor also causes a ton of damage with its laser attacks, and this fight can seem like a battle of attrition at times with how much you'll have to concentrate on healing. 

After taking Carry Armor out, proceed further and make sure to open the two chests in the submarine dock area. Enter the gray submarine and either spare the crew or kill them (it has no other effect except the one on your conscience) and you'll be introduced to the submarine battle mini-game!

Submarine - The Ocean

The goal in this mini-game is to sink the red submarine carrying the Huge Materia. Just keep on its tail and ignore the yellow submarines and keep firing torpedo after torpedo at the red sub. If you pull this strategy off correctly, it should only take a minuteo or two to sink the red sub, which signals your victory. Now, it's time to get that last piece of Huge Materia! Set a course for Junon!

Junon - Airport 

Arriving at Junon, you see the plane transporting the last piece of Huge Materia flying off. This plane, called the Gelinka, looks like a Hind helicopter and a C-130 had a baby and seems to be Shinra's main model of cargo transport plane. The fact you only see two in the whole game leads me to another fun aside!

ASIDE: Why does Shinra refuse to mass-produce?

Shinra has an amazing array of weaponry, vehicles, and technology at its disposal. From lasers, mechs, and rockets, to Mako Cannons, airships and biological weaponry, Shinra seems like it could take on Sephiroth and Cloud and the gang without breaking a sweat. 

However, instead of assembling squadrons of Highwinds, or battalions of Carry Armors, it seems like there's a just one of each made. Even with the Highwind and the massive Gelinka cargo planes, for some reason the high-level Shinra exec Palmer needed to try and obtain the Tiny Bronco, a small privately owned plane. 

Additionally, outside of the top plates of Midgar, the upper city of Junon, Costa del Sol, and the Gold Saucer, most of the world's citizenry seem to be living in small, poor, rural villages. A good deal of these villages have a large supply of energy located nearby in the form of Mako Reactors as well, so the lack of technological sophistication seen in Midgar and Junon are absent elsewhere. 

The prevailing attitude of the world of Final Fantasy VII, Gaea, seems to be that of apathy. It's evident in the stagnation in growth of the villages of North Corel and Nibelheim on the Western Continent, as well as the haphazard upkeep of Shinra's own machinery. In Gongaga we see a Mako Reactor that has exploded and no effort has been made by either the villagers of Gongaga nor Shinra to affect any sort of clean-up operation. Is a side-effect of the use of Mako energy a development of depression-like symptoms?

A more rational explanation is that the developers of Final Fantasy VII only showed the audience what was necessaru for purposes of plot. We know from Crisis Core that there exists additional areas and villages in the world of Gaea that weren't shown in the original game. Hopefully the remake of Final Fantasy VII coming in the next few years will answer some of the questions we have about the enthralling world of Gaea, the people living in it, and the operations of Shinra. 

Now go to Rocket Town. 

Rocket Town - Rocket Town

Shinra plan to actually launch the rocket into Meteor loaded with Huge Materia. Well NOT ON OUR WATCH! Head to the rocket platform and fight some Shinra troops and then your old friend Rude the Turk. 

Boss Battle - Rude 

While you've been crusading around the world, leveling up like crazy, Rude must have been on vacation because he is incredibly weak compared to you at this point. Just hit him a few times and he'll die. 

Once you climb in the rocket, it blasts off into space. 

Rocket - Space

Welcome to the roomiest rocket ever. There's some fun plot here and then you have to figure out a quick puzzle to get the Huge Materia. Clues are given out at random, and you can either try and solve it the right way or enter: Circle, Square, X, X and be done with it.