The No-Nonsense, Spoiler-Free Walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII, Part 4

Need to get through Final Fantasy VII with no spoilers? Here's part four!

You enter the area and take the rightmost path. You'll have to stay the night in a shellhosue and then the plot will be triggered. You'll want to go back to the initial screen of the area where the path splits into three and take the middle path and just keep heading north. When you get there Sephiroth will kill Aeris, which if you've been alive and played video games at any point in the last 20 years you probably already knew about. Then, to add insult to injury, he'll throw a chunk of his mother at you to fight as a boss. 

Boss Battle - Jenova LIFE

This fight isn't too hard, but there are a few ways to make it even easier. Most of Jenova-LIFE's attacks are water-elemental based, so if you have any accessories that protect against water-based attacks, the person equipping them will take almost no damage from her. 

Also, Jenova-LIFE is weak against Earth magic, but she also spams the Reflect spell, making using magic against her a pain. A way around this is to equip an Elemental and an Earth materia in the same slot pair in one of your party member's weapons. 

As usual, just use the strategy of keeping your HP up and hitting her with physical attacks. After the battle, leave the Forgotten City and head back to the valley area. 

Head to the broken spiral shell and head up the spiral spine, just press up to go up the spiral and down to go down it. Once you reach the top you'll be in front of a cliff face with cracks in the face. Proceed to the left and climb the ladder to the top, then exit through the hole to the right and keep going to the right to exit to the World Map. 

World Map - Northern Continent

After you exit the cave, go west following the mountain range, then head north when possible. Before long you'll see your next destination: Icicle Inn. 

Icicle Inn - Northern Continent

Icicle Inn is home to some of the most important events in the Final Fantasy VII mythos, but unfortunately the game doesn't go into much detail as to the exact events that occurred here. Once you enter the village, try to exit to the north to trigger an appearance by the Turks and some Shinra troops. For now you're stuck here, so let's make the best of it by exploring. 

For some red-hot optional plot, head to the upper-left house for some info regarding Aeris' origins and the fate of her parents. Why no one has occupied this house in the 16-17 years since the events that occurred there is anyone's guess, but that's not important right now. 

What is important is to get back on track with the main plot, and to do that you need to get a snowboard. Luckily, the child in the house in the middle of the village has injured herself and has no use for her snowboard anymore. Once she does, head out of the exit to the north of the village and you'll get to experience the super-fun snowboarding mini-game. Once you reach the bottom of the slope, you're going to be in the hellishly complex Ice Glacier area. 

Ice Gate Glacier - Northern Continent

This place sucks so bad, and is almost impossible to accurately describe in text. Your main objective here is to pass out from exposure though, and that require almost no guidance at all. In fact, almost this whole area could be considered a side quest since you really don't have to visit any area in any particular order. Just keep walking around and eventually you'll pass out and be rescued. When you awake you'll find yourself at the foot of Gaea's Cliff in an old man's cabin. 

Gaea's Cliff - Northern Continent

This is another long and complicated dungeon, and you have the added worry of keeping your body temperature up while you're climbing the outside of the cliff. The best tactic here is to climb until you reach a ledge and then rapidly tap the square button to warm yourself back up to the highest temperature you can. An additional hazard on the external cliff faces is random encounters with one of the most annoying of the reoccurring Final Fantasy enemies, the Malboro. 

Enemy Profile: Malboros

Malboros are the first enemy you'll meet in the game that really make status effects a pain. Their Bad Breath attack targets all party members and has a high chance of inflicting Poison, Sleep, Mini, Frog and Confuse status effects. 

Until this point in Final Fantasy VII, status effects have been a minor annoyance, and usually one type affected your party at any given time. However, now you have to give serious thought to running if you find yourself facing a Malboro. Not only can Bad Breath render your party unable to defend itself, but the Malboro's relatively high HP means that even if you can rid your party of the effects of one Bad Breath attack, the Malboro may get the chance to cat a second one. Later in the game when you have acceses to the Ribbon accessory, which blocks all status effects. Malboros become just another threat to be dealt with. However, for now they're a grave threat. 

Once you reach the top of the first cliff, you'll enter a cave and get a bit of a reprieve from the freezing temperatures. To get through the interior section you must get to the second part of the dungeon and push the rock off the ledge and onto the spikes that are blocking your path. Of special importance is the secret area containing a chest with a Ribbon accessory inside. To get to it, go straight from the entrance to the opening to the north, and in the next area proceed west up the stairs and then in the light blue area at the top of the stairs, enter the hidden opening found there. You'll find yourself in an area above where you initially entered the cave, and if you proceed east you'll find a hidden entrance to a small area containing the chest.

Once you break the spikes in the interior cave, you can pass through to the next set of exterior cliffs. Use the same method from before and you'll find the entrance to another interior section. 

Once you're inside, you can't go to the north door yet so head to the one to the right of it and continue straight on the snowby path and then follow it as it rises clockwise to take you to the upper path. Following the path will take you to a room where four icicles hang suspended. As you examine each of them, you'll get the chance to enter a battle with them. They won't attack you so just use fire and long-range physical attacks to knock them down. Say no to the message that asks if you want to jump down, and once all for icicles are down, grab the chest on the right and then return to the room with the north door you couldn't access before. 

Well now you can access it, so go through it, follow the snowy path north until it wraps counter-clockwise around to the upper path, cross the bottom part of the room that had the icicles by continuing south, then climb one last cliff face. Once you get to the top, enter the cave and examine the glowing pool of whatever to start a boss fight for some reason. 

Boss Fight: Twin Head

This boss has a gimmick similar to the optional boss Lost Number. There are two targets here, each one has a separate weakness. The one on the right is vulnerable to Fire magic. However, they're both vulnerable to Holy magic, which comes in the form of the Alexander summon for some reason because the developers of Final Fantasy VII ignored the fact that they even had programmed a Holy element to the point where no regular magic spell deals Holy damage. 

If you have Alexander, then you'll take around 3,200 HP of his health out in one salvo. If you don't, that's okay too, you'll just have to try a little harder. After opening with Alexander (or not), just use the magic type each head is weak to over and over and keep your HP up. Each head unleashes a final attack that's Lightning-elemental and causes about 1,500 HP worth of damage to the whole party. Nothing sucks more than winning a battle and then the boss's death rasp killing you, so be a winner and don't let that happen. 

After the Twinhead fight, just keep heading east, then south at the next screen and you'll be out of Gaea's Cliff and into another dungeon.