The No-Nonsense, Spoiler-Free Walkthrough of Final Fantasy VII, Part 3

Keep trucking with part three of our guide!

Our no-nonsense guide to the world of Final Fantasy VII continues with part 3, where we get all the way to Wutai and hang out with a materia thief and check out the Gold Saucer for the first time. Make sure you're leveling all of your characters pretty evenly at this point because you never know when you're going to lose a certain someone...

World Map - Nibel Region

As soon as you exit Mt. Nibel you'll see Rocket Town on the world map. Hint: It looks like a rocket. Head over and enter the town. 

Rocket Town - Western Continent

Head over to the North side of town to the house with the plane in the yard. There you'll meet Shera and she'll as you to go to the rocket and find her abusive boyfriend and your next party character, Cid Highwind. 

Cid will talk to you, but won't return to his house with you so go back there anyway, and you'll meet one of Shinra's finest, Palmer. Cid shows up, lets you know he's not a fan of any of you, and then Rufus Shinra shows up and things get complicated. Shera takes you to the Tiny Bronco and says you can have use of it, but first you'll have to stop Palmer. 

Boss Fight - Palmer

This guy fights like he looks. He has a gun that deals varying types of damage, but not much of it. He's weak and has no immunities, so just hit him until he goes down. 

After the battle, you have possession of the Tiny Bronco, but it doesn't fly anymore, so now it's a boat. Congratulations. However, as lame as having a boat instead of a plane is, new parts of the world are now open to you, and it's up to you to decide whether to veer off the main storyline now or keep on truckin'. 

If you want to continue with the story, the whole next section is skippable, or you can come back to it later. We'll be going to Yuffie's homeland of Wutai and it's a silly place with little bearing on the main plot. However, if you're one of the tens of individuals that just love Yuffie, this side quest fleshes her out as well as her past and character a little bit. 

Optional Quest: Wutai

If you want to visit the land of Wutai, you'll need Yuffie in your party. If you haven't gotten her yet, go get her, then sail due west from Rocket Town to the Western-most continent of Wutai. Park in the beach area and head for the little pagodas and you're there. 

Or at least that would be the case if you didn't want to do things the hard way. Which you have to do to trigger this quest. Instead of going due west, go south by southwest and land on the beach in Southern Wutai. Park the Tiny Bronco and go north over the bridge. Then hook south and cross a second bridge. You'll be sucked into a scene where Yuffie's scrubby butt throws you to two Shinra soldiers. After fighting them you'll notice she's taken almost all your materia and split. Without magic to rely on, you'll want to have your strongest physical attackers in your party and just use items to heal. The road ahead is pretty tough, but with perseverance, you can make it.

Eventually, you'll make it to Wutai proper, and the hunt for Yuffie will be on. You'll have to find her in four different places to get her to rejoin your party and return your materia. 

Go to Turtle's Paradise and talk to the Turks there to make her appear. Go to the materia shop and open the chest there. Find Godo's house and keep talking to him until Yuffie appears. Go to the southeastern-most house in Wutai and check behind the dressing screen. Check the barrel in front of Turtle's Paradise to find her last hiding spot. She'll take you to a new room. Both levers are a tarp so just pick one and she'll slip away again. You'll need to search for her among the Dachao statues. Ring the bell in the left building on the screen with the huge pagoda and a secret door will appear. Head north to the Dachao statues to save Yuffie. Once you do she'll finally rejoin your party and give you back your materia. To do so you'll have to fight a boss. 

Boss Fight - Rapus

You have no material here, so just hit him with your strongest characters and keep healing with items until he goes down. After all, that mess is over, you have the option to challenge the five guardians of Wutai's Pagoda. If you haven't been leveling Yuffie, then forget about challenging them now because she has to fight all five bosses solo. If you decide to take them on, they're susceptible to Bio and Gravity magic, so lay it on thick. 

Now it's time to get back to the main story. 

Okay, whether you've gone through the ordeal that is Wutai, or if you just want to get on with the story, your next move is to head to Gongaga for a tiny bit of plot, and probably your last visit to the sleepy hamlet. Rumor on the street was that the blacksmith there had an item called the Keystone which you need to get into the Temple of the Ancients. Well, he doesn't have it anymore. Dio of the Gold Saucer has it, so you've got to go there. Darn the luck!

Gold Saucer - Western Continent

When you get here, go straight to Battle Square and check out Dio's museum. As soon as you look at the keystone a duel starts, and after the duel, you learn that the tram has broken down, so you're going to be here for a while. The gang decides to check into the Ghost Inn for the night, and there's a recap of the plot so far. 

Now it's time for a date! After Cloud returns to this room, one of four party members will visit him and ask him to take them around the Gold Saucer. More than likely it will be Tifa or Aeris, but two other possible and much funnier characters are Yuffie and Barret. To get them you'll have to always be mean when given the chance to Aeris and Tifa and never use them in battle unless forced to. After the date, you'll notice Cait Sith being weird and you'll have to chase him through the Gold Saucer. You'll eventually end up outside Chocobo Square, and you'll see he's not someone you really want to mess with. He's kind of a jerk, actually. 

For some reason, the party doesn't immediately destroy Cait Sith and they decide to head to the Temple of the Ancients. This place is a maze, and I found it quite annoying. Head on in there after your conversation with the Turks, and you'll be confronted with an MC Escher amalgam of stairs. Your objective is to get to the door in the south central area of this map. Once you've gotten there, you'll have to dodge rocks, and finally, you'll end up at a room that looks like a clock. 

Though there are all sorts of goodies to be gotten here, your main objective is to enter the door at VI on the clock face. Once you get in there, you have to steal a key from an elder by being in front of the door he is going to come out of. The easiest way to do this is to catch him at the upper left door. Anytime he goes in that door, he's going to come out of it too. 

Once you've got the key, there's a boss fight. 

Boss Fight - Red Dragon

This dude is all fire-oriented, so you can cheat the system by equipping Elemental + Fire on your armor, or by equipping Fire Rings. Once you do that, this guy is super easy. Just hit him until he goes down with everything except Fire magic. After the boss fight, head to the XII position on the clock, and use the key you got from the elder to unlock it. Once you're in this room, examine the dragon on the wall and you're in for another boss fight. 

Boss Fight - Demon Wall

This dude is significantly harder than Red Dragon. He has strong defense against most magic, so you're going to have to rely on physical attacks. Summons such as Bahamut, whose attack deals non-elemental damage are also quite effective against Demon Wall. Use magic for healing and limits and regular attacks for your offense and he'll eventually go down.  

That's it for this installment, but make sure to come back for part 4, where we'll go even deeper into the plotline, but make sure you get your tissues ready for a potentially scarring scene!