No Man's Sky's Leviathan Event Plays With Time Loops

Completing it will also net you an organic frigate

A new limited-time Leviathan expedition has begun in No Man's Sky, offering time-loop shenanigans and the promise of an organic frigate.

Hello Games revealed its latest expedition event for No Man's Sky, called Leviathan, which includes a time-looping storyline and loads of new game rewards. Unlike the recent Outlaws update, the Leviathan expedition doesn't add a bunch of new gameplay elements—it's more of a special event to earn cool stuff for a limited time.

No Man's Sky Leviathan expedition screen shot

Hello Games

No Man's Sky's seventh expedition traps players in a strange time-loop that's somehow tied to the titular Leviathan creature. According to Hello Games, the loop is intended to add a sort of roguelike element to the standard gameplay, where death is more likely and failure will reset some progress. However, even when things get reset after death, some progress towards figuring out what's happening (and how to fix it) will carry over.

Player loadouts are also randomized and will change with each death. But the trick is that as more and more members of the community complete goals, the quality of your randomized gear will improve.

Some of the rewards you can unlock for completing various expedition goals include the Whalestalker Cloak and Temporal Starship Trail cosmetic items. But the big reward (figuratively and literally) is the new organic frigate you'll be able to add to your fleet. You won't be able to use it in place of your larger freighter, so no building a base inside of it, but you will be able to send it on missions.

The free Leviathan expedition starts today on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles and it will be available for about six weeks—so roughly until the end of June or beginning of July. You can access it by starting a new game in the main menu and selecting the event.

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