‘No Man’s Sky’ Gets a Bit Bigger and More Dangerous With New Interceptor Update

Salvage a Sentinel Interceptor, explore Corrupted worlds, and find new technologies

Hello Games' No Man's Sky has yet another large content update, this time expanding the space-bound Sentinel threat, adding a new planet type, and sprinkling in plenty of new technology.

No Man's Sky has come a long way since 2016, with today's hefty Interceptor update marking the 25th major content update the game has received since launch. And just like the previous 24 updates, Interceptor adds a whole lot more to an already full-to-bursting space adventure.

Corrupted planet in No Man's Sky Interceptor update

Hello Games

As the name implies, a big focus of the Interceptor update is interceptors—specifically Sentinel interceptors, which will hound player starships under various circumstances. These automated crafts are getting a new look (several, in fact), with the game finally dropping the standard ship model in favor of parts-based procedural generation.

This is not just because Hello Games wanted to make Sentinel ships look more unique, but because now players can find, salvage, and fly their own Sentinel interceptors for the first time. The Sentinels also have their own freighters (larger capital ships), which don't appear to be something you can commandeer, but you can blow them up for some extra goodies.

Other extensive Interceptor update additions include an entirely new Corrupted planet type with corrupted Sentinels, new buildings to explore, and new technologies to discover. Sentinel Quadrupeds have been given improved animations and behaviors, so they move more naturally and post a larger threat. Xbox players can enjoy improved visuals thanks to an automatically adapting resolution to keep the frame rate more consistent. Even VR has been considered, with a new option to relocate wrist projector menu screens around hands and multitools to fit your preferences.

You can download the Interceptor Update (version 4.20) now on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, though it appears that the Steam version hasn't rolled out yet. The update is also not currently available on the Switch, with no mention from Hello Games about when it might hit the Nintendo console.

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