No Man’s Sky Finally Coming to the Switch

Look for it in the fall

After some brief teases and eventual confirmation, No Man's Sky finally has an official release date of October 7 for the Nintendo Switch.

A lot has been done with No Man's Sky since its initial (and somewhat lackluster) release, with players (Travelers) able to explore even more than the already functionally-infinite galaxy; the game has seen everything from complete graphical overhauls to time loop shenanigans. So, of course, a lot of people were excited when Hello Games revealed plans to release the game on the Switch, but the release window was a bit vague. Well, "vague" is out and "precise" is in as the latest trailer gives us an official launch date.

No Man's Sky on Nintendo Switch in handheld mode

Hello Games

By coming to the Switch, No Man's Sky keeps the "go anywhere" hook while also adding "play anywhere," so the limitless galactic hijinks don't have to stop if you aren't near a TV or monitor. And judging by the footage in the new trailer, which shows much of the new content from the recent Outlaws update, it will probably contain all of the expansions.

Whether or not the Switch version will receive new expansion content simultaneously as all the other platforms remains to be seen, but it does look promising.

No Man's Sky on Nintendo Switch

Hello Games

We'll have to wait and see how the game performs on Nintendo's hardware—hopefully well enough to justify a second or possibly third purchase for some—but the trailer footage looks fairly steady. It will also be interesting to see if Hello Games uses the Switch's touchscreen capabilities in handheld mode for any additional control input options.

No Man's Sky will be available for the Switch digitally and as a physical release on October 7. Currently, there's no pricing information on Nintendo's website, but online retailers like BestBuy and GameStop currently list it at $59.99.

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