No Fooling, Google Cancels April Fools’ Pranks

The company will instead keep its attention focused on COVID-19

Why This Matters:

Google’s pulled off some of the biggest and silliest April Fools' pranks in the history of the Internet. Its decision to focus on COVID-19 efforts, instead, should be a guide for other companies.

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Google will not be launching wave of bizarre and marginally funny April Fools' pranks in this year, according to an internal email obtained by Business Insider.

Not the time: Google recognized that, with millions affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and countless others risking their lives to treat those with the illness, now is simply not the time for those kinds of online pranks. Lifewire has contacted Google for confirmation and will update this post with their response.

Google does jokes? The search giant has, since 2000, launched some truly legendary online stunts, building complete site experiences and web-based apps to entertain people who enjoy April Fools’ Day.

Getting them all: Google typically launches so many pranks from so many different divisions, that there was apparently fear they might not catch them all. In her email, Google Chief Marketing officer Lorraine Twohill advised employees to “suss out those efforts and make sure your teams pause on any jokes they may have planned — internally or externally.”

Bottom line: Google’s choice likely comes as welcome news to those who’ve tired of virtually every brand under the sun launching an April Fools’ gag. It’s also not the right time for the kind of confusion a normally harmless prank can engender. Now, how long before other companies take the hint?

P.S. Not April Fools

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