No-Contract TracFone Wireless Monthly Value Plans

TracFone Wireless
TracFone Wireless. Image © TracFone Wireless

Individual Plan Pricing:

  1. $9.99 for 50 anytime minutes per month (30 days)
  2. $19.99 for 100 anytime minutes per month (30 days)
  3. $29.99 for 150 anytime minutes per month (30 days)

Note: Unlike the TracFone pay-as-you-go plans, these automatically add the specified minutes above each month without a contract.

Family Plan Pricing:

  1. First phone: 50 minutes for $9.99 per month
  2. Each additional phone (up to four): 30 minutes for $5.99 per month

Service Protection Plan Pricing:

$5.99 (as needed) for 30 days of service*

* Automatically receive a 30-day service extension when you need it most.

Enrollment is free. You pay the fee only if you reach your service end date. TracFone Service Protection was previously called the Lifeline Plan.

Included Standard Features:

  1. No cancellation fees
  2. No activation fees
  3. No contracts
  4. Enroll using your credit card
  5. Unlimited carry-over benefit (keep your previous minutes and days with active service)
  6. Patented technology that clearly displays your minutes and days of service
  7. Nationwide coverage in the U.S.

Additional Fees:

  1. Additional minutes are 20 cents per minute
  2. You can also buy bundles of 500 or 100 minutes with these plans

International Dialing:

The TracFone international long-distance service uses minutes at the same rate as your regular calls. Make sure you have enough airtime or haven’t gone past your service due date for this benefit.

You can call more than 60 international destinations (i.e. Mexico, Beijing, London, etc.) directly from your TracFone at no additional cost.

TracFone Company Information:

  1. TracFone uses the networks of major regional and national wireless carriers.
  2. TracFone is a subsidiary of América Móvil, which has more cell phone customers than AT&T and Verizon combined, according to TracFone.
  3. TracFone has brand-name phones from top manufacturers including Motorola, Nokia, Kyocera, and LG.

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