No-Contract Cricket Prepaid Wireless Plans

Which Cricket cell phone plan is best for you?

No-contract prepaid wireless plans (also known as "pay as you go" plans) are increasingly common in the industry. Cricket Wireless is among the major companies going this route, with all its plans offering several distinct advantages:

  • No data, texting or calling overage charges
  • No data shutoff (speeds are reduced when the monthly allotment is exceeded)
  • No contracts

Unlike some wireless providers, Cricket Wireless doesn't base its plans on voice or texting minutes. Instead, the company offers six monthly flat-rate plans for individuals. All are prepaid, with unlimited talk and texting and no contracts.

Buy a Phone or Bring Your Own

Cricket Wireless offers phones from trusted brand names such as Alcatel, Apple, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Samsung and  ZTE. Currently, several phones are free if you hang onto your existing number from another provider. Otherwise, prices range from $19.99 for several models by Alcatel, LG and Kyocera to $869.99 for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus with 128GB memory. Rebates are available on some.

You may also keep the phone you have if it's compatible with Cricket's network. Use Cricket's phone compatibility tool to check.


Some plans offer "Group Save Discounts" or "Auto Pay Credits," but generally, just one or the other on any given account. The Auto-Pay Credit shaves $5 off your monthly bill; the Group Save Discount cuts $10 off every line you add to your account, up to a maximum of five.

All prices and information are current as of August 2017 and include applicable taxes. Things change fast in this volatile arena, so be sure to check directly with Cricket to confirm the details before making your decision.

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Cricket Wireless $25 T&T Plan

Cricket WIreless
Cricket Wireless LLC

Cricket's Talk & Text Plan is perfect for you if you don't use your phone to surf the Web. While it offers unlimited calls and texts, you won't be able to send pictures or videos, and no data is included. No Group Save Discount or Auto-Pay Credit is available.

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Cricket Wireless $30 1GB High-Speed Data Plan

The $30/month plan adds 1GB high-speed data access (up to 4G LTE) to the T&T Plan — enough for about 45 minutes of streamed standard video, seven hours of streamed music, 27 hours of Internet browsing, 120 photo posts to social media or 1000 emails with attachments. Picture messaging is included at this level. No discounts are available.

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Cricket Wireless $40 Basic Plan

In addition to unlimited calling, texting and picture messaging, this plan gives you 4GB data with speeds up to 4G LTE. This allows for about four hours of streamed video, 28 hours of streamed music, 108 hours of Web surfing, 40 app, game and song downloads, 400 photos posted to social media and 4000 emails with attachments.

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Cricket Wireless $50 Smart Plan

The $50/month plan is ideal for you if you travel or have family and friends abroad. Unlimited texting to 38 countries plus fast (up to 4G LTE) data access and unlimited calls, texts and picture messages to and from Mexico keep you in touch at reasonable cost. A generous 8GB data is more than ample for most users, allowing for eight hours of streamed video, 56 hours of streamed music, 215 hours of Internet access, 80 app, game and song downloads, 900 social photo posts and 8000 emails with attachments.

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Cricket Wireless $55 Unlimited 2 Plan

At $55 a month, you get unlimited data access. The compromise is with its 3Mbps speed, which is slower than the 4G offered by other plans. Still, it's adequate for average browsing, as well as the unlimited calling, texting and picture messaging in the U.S. that also come with the plan. Texting to 38 countries is unlimited, as is data access, calling, texting and picture messaging to and from Mexico and Canada, as long as half of your usage is U.S.-based.

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Cricket $60 Unlimited Plan

Cricket's most comprehensive plan offers unlimited high-speed 4G LTE data access, calling, texting and picture messaging throughout the U.S. Texting from the U.S. to 38 countries is unlimited, as are data access, calling, texting and picture messaging to and from Mexico and Canada.