Review of the Book NMap Network Scanning

The Bottom Line

Who better to explain the function of a light bulb, the principles behind its design, and the potential uses for it than Thomas Edison? That is how I feel about this book. This isn't the first book on using the NMap network scanner tool, but this is the first book on using the NMap network scanner tool that is written by the original developer and master of all things NMap, "Fyodor", and it shows. The level of detail and clarity of the information is unmatched. NMap is a required utility, and this book is required reading for virtually anyone in networking or network security.


  • A 'Must Have' book for a 'Must Have' utility
  • Comprehensive coverage for how to use NMap
  • Details and history behind how and why NMap does what it does
  • Whole chapter covering the NMap Scripting Engine (NSE)
  • Filled with real world scenarios and case studies


  • None


  • Straight from the mind of the "Fyodor", the creator of NMap
  • Clear and complete coverage of every function and feature of the NMap network scanner
  • Some of the content is also available for free online at
  • Case studies and scenarios provide the reader with context and help build understanding of how to apply the information
  • Goes behind the scenes and shares some of the design choices that make up NMap and why it works the way it does.
  • Price: $49.95 (available online for less than $35)
  • ISBN-10: 0979958717
    • ISBN-13: 978-0979958717
  • Total of 468 pages

Guide Review - Book Review

NMap is a network scanning utility that is in the top 5, or at least top 20 list for most valuable utility for almost every network administrator, security consultant, or casual 'security researcher'. Originally written by Gordon Lyon, aka "Fyodor", NMap has existed as one of the most used tools- commercial and open source included- for more than a decade.

NMap users have also been lucky in that NMap is one of the best, if not the best, maintained open source projects out there. The software is constantly revised and updated to include the latest cutting edge features and functions. More importantly, the documentation and support available online is extensive.

Why then, you might ask, should you spend money on this book? Well, truth be told if you're trying to decide between groceries or this book, or filling your gas tank and this book- get the gas and groceries and refer to the free online resources. But, if you can spare the $50 it will be money well spent- plus it helps give a little back to "Fyodor" who has given so much to us- the networking and security field at large.

If financially supporting the person who developed this brilliant utility is not sufficient motivation, the book contains additional information you won't find online. Not only does the book cover every type of scan and assessment you can possibly execute with NMap, it also provides some background explanation for why "Fyodor" chose to design it the way he did, and a complete chapter dedicated to the NMap Scripting Engine (NSE).

If you work in IT, odds are good that you have used this tool. If you haven't, you probably should have been. NMap is simply a required tool in the IT toolbox. Similarly, this book is required reading for anyone in IT to get the most out of that tool. Spend the $50. You won't regret it.