Nitro Cloud Review

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Update: Nitro Cloud no longer has a free option apart from a 14-day free trial. Try one of these free PDF to Word converters for an alternative

Nitro Cloud is a free PDF to Word converter (PDF to DOCX) that functions as a web-based service, not a program you have to download and install.

PDFs can also be converted to other popular Microsoft Office file formats with Nitro Cloud so that you can use the file in Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint. Signing and sharing of PDFs is also possible with Nitro Cloud.

How Nitro Cloud Converts PDFs

Nitro Cloud is launched and operated online only, without any software to download. You can upload, convert, and share PDFs from your online account.

To do this for free, just visit the link above to go to the Nitro Cloud website. Sign up for the free account and then use the Add button to upload a PDF file. Files can be selected from your computer as well as copied over from a number of cloud storage services.

Then, use the small arrow next to the uploaded PDF to get to the menu specific to that file. Towards the bottom of the menu is a Convert to Word, Convert to Excel, and Convert to PowerPoint option. After you've selected one and then waited just a few seconds, you'll be asked to download the file in the new format.

The PDF file will remain on the Nitro Cloud website until you remove it, but the converted Microsoft Office file will not be saved to your online account.

Nitro Cloud Output Formats

DOCX (Microsoft Word), PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint), and XLSX (Microsoft Excel)

Limitations with Nitro Cloud

Hardly a limitation, Nitro Cloud's free plan looks as though you can only convert up to 5 documents in one month. However, if you remove the uploaded documents from your Nitro Cloud account after converting them, the number is constantly reset to 5.

If you do upload and store 5 documents, and wait one month, you can upload 5 more.

Another limitation with Nitro Cloud is that documents you upload must be smaller than 5 MB and/or contain no more than 50 pages.

Thoughts on Nitro Cloud

Nitro Cloud is easy to use when it comes to uploading and creating an account because everything is rather straightforward.

When you upload a PDF to Nitro Cloud, you can choose a document on your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box account. This is handy if you already have a PDF in one of those locations and don't want to download it again only to turn around and upload it to Nitro Cloud.

When files are uploaded to Nitro Cloud, you can immediately begin converting it to any of the supported file formats or you can sign, collaborate, or share the file.

As mentioned above, you can only have up to 5 documents on your Nitro Cloud at one time. This isn't an issue at all if you're simply using Nitro Cloud for converting PDFs and not storing them.