Nintendo Drops Nifty Metroid Prime Remaster, 30 More New Games for Switch

Other titles include deck builders, platformers, and more

It is Thursday, which has long been the day Nintendo drops a glut of digital titles onto the eShop, and today is no different. 

After yesterday’s barn-burning Nintendo Direct, the highlight of this week’s digital drop is the surprise launch of a Metroid Prime remaster. This reimagining of the Gamecube classic adds HD visuals, new control schemes, and, of course, the ability to play on the go, thanks to the design of the Switch. 

Switch Metroid Prime


Another big release is the modern PC classic PowerWash Simulator, which, as the name suggests, offers a relaxing and satisfying take on simulating the act of power washing buildings and the like. 

There's also the stylistic black-and-white platformer Blanc which casts you as a wolf cub and a fawn who get lost in a sudden snowstorm. The main draw of this title is co-op play, which is available via the same system or online. 

Looking for a new farming sim to whittle down the hours? Harvest Yuuka also dropped this week and primarily focuses on gardening, though it has systems in place to build your own home, interact with villages, and more. 

Other titles include the deck-building game Nadir, the illustration app nPaint, and the dungeon-crawler Pocket Witch. All told, around 30 games and apps dropped this week for the system. 

These titles all launch today, except for Metroid Prime Remastered, which was released yesterday, and Blanc, which releases on February 14. 

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