Nintendo Isn’t Making a Switch Pro, and That’s Okay

Playing by different rules

Key Takeaways

  • Nintendo recently revealed a new Switch that will include an upgraded OLED display.
  • The new model doesn’t offer any big changes to the console’s graphical capabilities, like adding support for 4K resolution, etc.
  • Nintendo recently announced it has no plans to release another Switch right now.
Nintendo Switch with The Gardens Between, YouTube, and other games on it

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After months, Nintendo has finally squashed the rumors that a Nintendo Switch Pro is in the works, but experts say we never really needed it.

The recently revealed Nintendo Switch OLED model looks to be the last Switch version we’ll see, at least for the next several months. In a new statement, Nintendo revealed it has no plans to launch another Switch model at this time, which means the rumored Switch Pro—which might have included 4K and a host of other features—isn’t coming anytime soon, if ever. While playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 4K had its appeal, experts say Nintendo plays by its own rules, and the overall versatility of the Switch makes up for the lack of graphical power seen in other consoles.

"First of all, Nintendo will always have its fans because of seniority and the games it has provided throughout the years that played a big part in our culture such as the Mario Series," Tyrone Evans Clark, a 3D game artist and programmer, told Lifewire in an email. "It's clear that their hardware might not be everything, but with the additional functionality added to their system, they can become unstoppable."

Outside the Box

One of the things that has always helped Nintendo’s consoles stand out—at least in later years—is the company’s approach to game development and how people use the console, itself. The Switch is a prime example of this. Instead of focusing heavily on competing against the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One when it originally released, it chose to go for a more functional approach, offering a hybrid portable and home system.

Nintendo Switch standing with kickstand and running Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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This resulted in what many considered an underpowered console at the time, and with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the sheer difference in graphical power has only grown. However, that hasn’t stopped the Switch from continuing to be successful. In May 2021, the Switch became the US’s best-selling console for the 30th month in a row, keeping its lead over the more powerful PS5 and Xbox Series X. Of course, there’s something to be said about general availability, but this continued success shows just how appealing the console is to gamers of all types.

By focusing on additional functionality over graphical power, Nintendo was able to create a different type of gaming system. One that families and casual gamers can pick up and enjoy without worrying about whether or not their TV is 4K, offers HDR support, etc. It’s a simple system that offers a lot of familiar titles, something Clark attributes to Nintendo’s storied history in the gaming world.

Writing on the Wall

With the official statement that Nintendo isn’t working on a Switch Pro, it’s likely time to finally put the rumors to rest. Even when the rumors first began to swirl, many experts warned that expecting Nintendo to create a new console with advanced options like 4K and Nvidia’s DLSS was most likely a bit of a pipe dream. Instead, they said the company would probably focus on improving the overall hybrid design of the console, which is exactly what Nintendo did.

By upgrading the screen to a 7-inch OLED panel, Nintendo has improved the overall visual offering on the Switch by making the display crisper. The OLED display will offer deeper and darker colors, allowing your games to look better and less washed out compared to the LCD panel on the original Switch. The updated kickstand is also a great example of how the company has upgraded the hybrid portability of the console, too.

Nintendo Switch OLED with new kickstand and white controllers on a marble table


Sure, the lack of 4K or support for more advanced graphical tech might be disappointing. But, in the long run, keeping the Switch family running on the same style of hardware is a win for Nintendo and Nintendo fans alike. If Nintendo were to release a more powerful Switch Pro with 4K and the like, it probably would have cut off many fans from being able to play those more graphically heavy titles. 

So, by not releasing a Switch Pro, Nintendo is actually doing us all a favor and not forcing us to upgrade to a new Switch just yet. And that’s okay.

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