Nintendo Announces New Switch Model With Larger OLED Screen

Available on October 8 for $349

The new Nintendo Switch model was announced Tuesday, and the biggest change is a larger OLED screen. 

Coming on October 8, the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model has a 7-inch screen and 64GB of memory. The new Nintendo Switch will cost $349, compared to the original Switch model, which is $299. 

Nintendo Switch OLED Model


Other new features include a sleek dock in white or black, with a built-in Ethernet port, an adjustable stand that is the same length as the Switch itself, new Joy-Con sticks in white (or red and blue), and “enhanced audio,” according to Nintendo. 

The console keeps the same 1080p video output when using HDMI in TV mode and the 720p output in tablet and handheld mode. The battery life also remains the same at 4.5-9 hours after fully charging for three hours. 

It was rumored that the new Nintendo Switch would have support for 4K games, but based on the technical specs Nintendo released, it looks like the OLED Switch will not support 4K resolution. 

However, the new Switch will support existing Joy-Con sticks, as well as previously released Nintendo Switch games. 

The Nintendo Switch gained popularity last year during the pandemic and was named the most popular console choice in the US in 2020, even ahead of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, both released in the same year. The appeal for the Nintendo Switch for many gamers over these more traditional consoles has always been the Switch's portable nature. which allows users to pick up and play games whether they’re at home or on the go. 

According to Nintendo’s fiscal year-end results, Nintendo Switch sales are up 81% and the console is closing in on 85 million units sold—a number that will probably increase after the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is officially released this fall. 

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