How to Add a Friend Code on Your Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code. Image © Nintendo

Like the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi, the Nintendo 3DS requires you to identify yourself and your friends with a "Friend Code" before you can all communicate online. Unlike the Nintendo DS, however, the process of registering a friend is fairly streamlined, as each Nintendo 3DS has its own 12-digit Friend Code.

Once you add a friend, you can play games together, see each other's online status, and view each other's "Friend Card," which are basic profiles that outline a friend's name, number, and favorite game.

If you're ready to register a Friend, follow these steps.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 5 Minutes

Here's How

  1. Turn on your Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Look near the top of the touch screen for the Friend List icon. It looks like an orange smiley face. Tap it.
  3. Tap the "Register Friend" icon, which is likewise located on the bottom touch screen and looks like an orange smiley face.
  4. A menu will pop up and give you the option of registering a friend locally or via the internet.
  5. If your friend is within the range of your Nintendo 3DS's signal, you can both scan the area and tap one another's Friend Cards to exchange information and register each other on your Lists. In this case, no Friend codes need to be entered: They are registered automatically.
  6. However, the majority of your Friend registrations will probably take place via the internet. If you need to conduct your registrations online, tap "Internet" when the "Register Friend" menu pops up. Don't forget, you will require a working Wi-Fi connection.
  1. Enter your friend's 12-digit Friend Code with the touch screen number pad and tap "OK."
  2. If your friend has already registered your information, his or her Friend Card will pop up automatically with all the vitals filled out. Now you can view each other's online status, favorite games, and play together.
  1. If your friend hasn't registered your information, you'll be asked to enter a name for his or her profile. You'll also see a gray placeholder Friend Card that will fill out as soon as your friend registers your number.


  1. You can add up to 100 Friends on your Nintendo 3DS's roster.
  2. You can add a saying for your Friends to see when they view your information, so make it count!
  3. Remember that your friend must add you back in order for you to exchange information and play together! You'll see a placeholder portrait behind your friend's name until he or she adds your information.

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