What to Do for a Broken or Cracked Hinge on Nintendo 3DS

Broken hinges on a 3DS require professional repair

The Nintendo 3DS is generally a sturdy and reliable system, but it has a particularly weak point in the hinges. Hinges in any device, especially those made of plastic, are prone to damage.

There may come a time when the hinges holding the screens together crack, separate or loosen to the point that they can no longer support the weight of the top screen. Even if the 3DS still works, a crack as small as a hairline fracture can result in bigger problems down the road. The problem needs to be taken care of sooner rather than later.

Hinge Fixes Are Complex and Not DIY

Unfortunately, there's no way to repair a broken Nintendo 3DS hinge by yourself without the risk of destroying the device. You may find guides or tutorials online that say they can show you how to fix your broken 3DS hinge, but if you are not experienced with repairing electronics and this is your first time attempting a repair of this type, you are more likely to end up with a bricked and useless 3DS than a repaired and working system.

Nintendo no longer offers factory repairs on the original Nintendo 3DS system. The company offers only upgrades or replacements for your unit.

However, there are several commercial businesses online that specialize in Nintendo 3DS repairs including VideoGame911 and Gaming Generations. You may even be able to find a gaming repair shop locally that carries the 3DS parts.

Taking Care of Your Nintendo 3DS

To prevent future heartbreak and hinge-break, treat your Nintendo 3DS system carefully and follow these tips.

  • When carrying it around, use a bag and a carrying case.
  • When opening your 3DS system, do so slowly.
  • Don't overextend the hinges.

Be mindful of your 3DS around young children, especially those who still need to learn about treating electronics with care. If you're looking for a good game option for young children, check out the Nintendo 2DS. It does not have hinges, is easy to handle, and is designed with younger children in mind.

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