How Long Does the Nintendo 3DS Battery Last?

Nintendo 3DS Charging Cradle. Image © Nintendo

Question: How Long Does the Nintendo 3DS Battery Last?

Answer: The battery life for the Nintendo 3DS is between three and five hours if you're playing a Nintendo 3DS game. If you're playing a Nintendo DS game on the 3DS, the 3DS's battery might last anywhere between five and eight hours.

The amount of power you get out of your Nintendo 3DS battery depends on which features you have turned on, and to what level.

For instance, using the 3DS's 3D function will drain the battery faster than playing games in 2D. Also, if the 3DS's Wi-Fi capabilities are turned on and if the top screen is set at its maximum level of brightness, you can expect the system's battery life to fade more quickly.

It takes about three and a half hours for the Nintendo 3DS to fully charge. It'll take a little longer if you continue to use the 3DS while it's charging.

There are several third-party accessories that extend the life of the Nintendo 3DS's battery considerably. Some require you to open up the 3DS and physically replace the battery, whereas other options simply involve slipping a battery pack onto the exterior of the 3DS.

Remember that each Nintendo 3DS comes packed with a charging cradle, which makes it easy for you to walk into the house and put your 3DS down for a refreshing sleep while you go about your business. Use the cradle to your advantage!