Nimbuzz Voice and Chat App Review

Free Instant Messenger and Voice Calls

Smartphone conversation

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Nimbuzz is an app (a web messenger) that you can install on your computer, mobile phone, smartphone and tablet PC to make voice calls and chat. It is a VoIP app that offers basic service but does well. Nimbuzz supports video calls for the iPhone and the PC only, but you can make cheap voice calls to any phone worldwide, and you can chat for free. More than 3000 models of mobile devices are supported.


  • Supports many phones and tablet models and has a version for many platforms.
  • Relatively cheap calls to landline and mobile phones worldwide.
  • Simple to use app with nice interface and good call quality.
  • Allows communication with multiple other social networks.


  • Video calls to iPhone and PC only.
  • No support for Linux.

Features and Review

The interface of the Nimbuzz app is quite nice and clean. I ran it on Android and it blends well with the phone’s functions. It also provides a choice to seamlessly decide between the different calling options available on your phone whenever you select a contact. You also get an option. to record your voice calls. The desktop interface is nice too. I installed it on PC and it installs easily and runs clean, not very bulky on resources.

There is a version of Nimbuzz for nearly all common operating systems except Linux. But Linux users can still use it through WINE. In order to download it, check your phone, device or computer and go to this link. For mobile devices, you can either download it directly to your device or via a desktop computer. Before downloading or even making up your mind with the service and app, make sure that your device is supported. There are many chances it is, since more than 3000 devices are supported. Check for that there.

Calls between Nimbuzz users are free, whether they are through desktop computers or mobile devices. Chat sessions are free as well. You can even make conferences voice calls (no video so far) among many users for free.

There is the extended NimbuzzOut service that is like SkypeOut, allowing you to use your app to make calls to landline (PSTN) and mobile (GSM) phones worldwide. The per-minute rates differ from country to country, as is the case with all VoIP service price rates. While it is not the cheapest service around, it among the cheapest, and even beats Skype, absent the connection fee that the latter claims. Moreover, to at least 34 destinations, calls are 2 cents per minute. Check the rates for all destinations there.

Add to the cost your connectivity or data plan. You can use free Wi-Fi but due to its area restriction, you will want a 3G data plan for full mobility. This can be costly, and it is an item you need to consider when estimating your cost. Besides, you are recommended to have an unlimited data plan since voice and chat do consume some bandwidth.

Nimbuzz also allows chatting with friends on other networks like Nimbuzz, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, MySpace, and Hyves. So you can communicate with friends from other networks using one application. You can also chat on the web, without installing any app on your computer. Just log in on their web chat interface and start chatting.

The app allows you to make SIP calls through SIP account from other providers, since it does not offer a SIP service. The SIP configuration is straightforward and SIP calling is easy. However, making SIP calls is not possible with Blackberry machines and those running Java.

Nimbuzz has recently introduced video calling, but so far only for the iPhone and PC.