Troubleshooting Nikon DSLR Error Codes

Try these tips to solve problems with your camera

Few things are as frustrating as seeing an error message appear on your DSLR digital camera's LCD or electronic viewfinder. However, before you get too frustrated, take a deep breath. The nice thing about error messages is that they give you clues to the problems your camera might be experiencing, which is better than no error message at all.

The eight common errors listed here include tips for diagnosing and fixing problems with your Nikon DSLR camera.

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ERR Error Message

If you see "ERR" on your LCD or electronic viewfinder, you likely have experienced one of three problems.

  • The shutter button may not have depressed properly. Make sure the button is seated properly and pressed fully.
  • The camera could not capture the image using your manual exposure settings. Change the settings or using automatic settings.
  • The Nikon camera may have experienced a start-up error. Remove the battery and memory card for at least 15 minutes and turn on the camera again.

F-- Error Message

Most of the time, this error message is limited to Nikon DSLR cameras because it's related to a lens error. Specifically, the F-- error message indicates that the lens and camera are not communicating. Check the lens to ensure it's locked into place.

If you cannot make this particular lens work, try a different lens to see whether the F-- error message continues. You'll then know whether the problem is with the original lens or the camera.

FEE Error Message

The FEE error message on a Nikon DSLR camera indicates that the camera cannot shoot the photo at the aperture you selected. Turn the manual aperture ring to the highest number, which should fix the error message. You may need to allow the camera to automatically choose the aperture to shoot the photo at the proper exposure.

'Information' Icon Error Message

If you see an "i" in a circle, it indicates one of three likely errors.

  • The battery may be exhausted. Charge it.
  • The memory card may be full or locked. Look for a small toggle switch on the side of the card and flip it to the unlocked position to fix the problem.
  • The camera may have detected that one of the subjects of the photo blinked as the photo was shot, allowing you to shoot the photo again.

No Memory Card Error Message

If you have a memory card installed in the camera, the No Memory Card Error message can have a few different causes.

  • Make sure the type of memory card is compatible with your Nikon camera.
  • The card may be full, meaning you'll need to download the photos on it to your computer.
  • The memory card could be malfunctioning or may have been formatted with a different camera. If this is the case, you may need to reformat the memory card with this camera. Keep in mind that formatting a memory card erases all data stored on it.

Record Movie Error Message

The Cannot Record Movie error message usually means that your Nikon DSLR cannot pass the data to the memory card fast enough to record it. This is almost always a problem with the memory card; you'll need a memory card with a faster write speed. This error message also could refer to a problem with the camera, but try a different memory card first.

Shutter Release Error Message

A Shutter Release Error message with your Nikon DSLR camera indicates a jammed shutter release. Check the shutter button for any foreign objects or any sticky grime that could be jamming the shutter button. Clean the button and try again.

This Image Cannot Be Deleted Error Message

The image you are trying to delete has been protected by the software in the camera. You'll need to remove the protection label from the image before you can delete it.

Further Troubleshooting

Different models of Nikon cameras may provide a different set of error messages than shown here. If you see Nikon camera error messages that aren't listed here, check with your Nikon camera user guide for a list of other error messages specific to your camera model.

After reading through these tips, if you still cannot solve the problem indicated by the Nikon camera error message, you may need to take the camera to a repair center. Look for a trustworthy camera repair center when trying to decide where to take your camera.

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