Nikon Camera Error Messages

Learn how to deal with Nikon Coolpix lens error problems

Woman at table with broken camera

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With your Nikon point and shoot camera, seeing an error message is one of those "good news, bad news" issues. The bad news is your camera is malfunctioning somehow. The good news is the error message gives you a clue as to how to fix it. The six tips listed here should help you troubleshoot your Nikon camera error messages, even Nikon Coolpix lens error problems.

Cannot Record Movie Error Message

The Cannot Record Movie error message usually means that your Nikon camera cannot pass the data to the memory card fast enough to record it. Most of the time, this is a problem with the memory card; you'll need a memory card with a faster write speed. This error message also could refer to a problem with the camera.

File Does Not Contain Image Data Error Message

This error message indicates a corrupted photo file with your Nikon camera. You can delete the file, or you can try to salvage it by downloading it to a computer and trying to fix it with an image editing program. However, this is a longshot, as it rarely allows you to save the file.

Image Cannot Be Saved Error Message

This error message usually indicates a problem with the memory card or the camera's software. The memory card could be malfunctioning, or it could have been formatted in a camera that's incompatible with this Nikon model, meaning you'll need to reformat the memory card (which will erase all of the data). Finally, the Image Cannot Be Saved error message could refer to a problem with the camera's file numbering system. Look through the camera's settings menu to either reset or turn off the sequential photo file numbering system.

Lens Error Message

The Lens Error message is most common with point and shoot Nikon cameras, and it indicates a lens housing that cannot open or close properly. Make sure the lens housing doesn't have any foreign particles or grime on it that could cause problems. Sand is a common cause of problems that cause the lens housing to jam. Make sure you have a fully charged battery, too.

No Memory Card Error Message

If you have a memory card installed in the camera, the No Memory Card Error message can have a few different causes. First, make sure the type of memory card is compatible with your Nikon camera. Second, the card may be full, meaning you'll need to download the photos on it to your computer. Third, the memory card could be malfunctioning or may have been formatted with a different camera. If this is the case, you may need to reformat the memory card with this camera. Keep in mind that formatting a memory card erases all data stored on it.

System Error Message

Seeing the System Error message in your Nikon camera might not be as serious as it sounds. Try removing the battery and memory card from the camera for at least 15 minutes, which should allow the camera to reset itself. If that doesn't remove the error message, visit the Nikon Web site and make sure you have the latest firmware and drivers for your camera model. Download and install any updates you find. It's possible this error message is generated by a malfunctioning memory card, too; try a different memory card.

Just remember that different models of Nikon cameras may provide a different set of error messages than are shown here. If you are seeing Nikon camera error messages that aren't listed here, check with your Nikon camera user guide for a list of other error messages specific to your model of camera.

Sometimes, your camera might not give you an error message. In this case, consider resetting the camera by removing the battery and memory card for at least 10 minutes. Reinsert these items, and the camera may begin working properly again.

After reading through these tips, if you still cannot solve the problem indicated by the Nikon camera error message, you may need to take the camera to a repair center. Look for a trustworthy camera repair center when trying to decide where to take your camera.