Nike+ Run Club iPhone App Review

The free Nike+ Run Club app, which replaced the Nike+ Running and Nike+ GPS apps, faces a lot of competition from excellent running apps like Runmeter GPS and Runkeeper, but the Nike+ Run Club app gives its competitors a run for their money.

The Good

  • Supportive community
  • Controls music seamlessly
  • Lots of useful features
  • Plenty of personalization options

The Bad

  • You must sign up for an online account

The Community

Use of the Nike+ Run Club app requires signing up for a free Nike+ online account. If you had an account with previous versions of the Nike+ app, use the same login credentials and all your past run stats load into the app. The Nike+ Run Club (NRC) website offers beginning and advanced workouts and training plans you can load to your app and has live chat experts standing by for training tips every day. 

During setup, the app asks for permission to access Siri for voice instruction, the camera on the iPhone to take pictures during the run, the Health app to sync health information and your music on the iPhone.

Starting a Run With Nike+ Run Club

The quickest way to begin a run is to go with the "Basic" default setting and tap "Start" or tell Siri to "start run." After a brief countdown, the run begins and the app tracks and displays your distance, total time and average pace. When you are ready, you can customize your run by selecting from "Basic," "Distance," "Duration" or "Speed" settings. There's even a treadmill setting.

The numbers on the run detail page are easy to read, which is always a good thing when your iPhone is strapped to your arm. Mileage is displayed in the largest numbers, while minutes per mile and time are listed underneath in smaller font.   

The Nike+ Run Club app integrates with your iPhone, so you can play music or program multiple PowerSongs for those times you need an extra boost of motivation. You can control your music right from the app’s home page including playing your PowerSong. The music integration is seamless and you can pause the music without pausing your run. There's a lock tab on the main screen, so you can lock it and toss your iPhone in your pocket without interfering with the app.

Finishing Up

When you end your run, the screen displays the date, a map of your run, the distance, average pace and duration of the run. The app asks you to indicate if your run was on a road, track or trail and to give a difficulty level.  You can also view your cumulative miles, total runs, and average pace for all runs.

New Additions to the Nike+ Run Club App

Siri is new to the app. In addition to telling Siri to "Start a run with the Nike+ Run Club app" you can also direct Siri to "pause," "resume" or "end" your run.

The app has added custom NRC stickers for use with iMessage. Just download the stickers and have fun texting your training and running friends.

The iPhone app includes an Apple Watch app.

The Bottom Line

Nike+ Run Club has features to match expensive running apps, includes social media integration and offers as much or as little community support and interaction as you like.

What You’ll Need

The Nike+ Run Club app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 9.0 or later.