Nicholas Congleton

Nick Congleton


  • Freelance digital content writer since 2015 with articles and blogs appearing in PCMech, Make Tech Easier, and Infosec Institute, and many others
  • Freelance Web Developer from 2014-2018, and a former Linux System Admin
  • B.A. in English from William Paterson University


Nick Congleton is a professional freelance technology blogger who works with companies in the industry to improve their content and build an online following. He is also a free software enthusiast and a long time Linux user.

Nick started down his path by pure happenstance. While in college studying English in the hopes of becoming a published author, he encountered a problem that's plagued broke students for decades: not enough money for required software. As he searched for a creative solution, he stumbled into the world of free software and found himself hooked. He suddenly, and somewhat chaotically, made the switch to Linux, and it didn't take long before he was teaching himself to program.

After graduation, Nick pursued a career in tech and leveraged his skills with the open source operating system to land a few gigs in the industry. He soon realized how much he missed writing and decided to combine technology and writing into a career he hadn't previously considered tech blogging.

Nick started out small, contributing articles to several small publications. He realized he enjoyed writing about tech more than either working with technology or writing independently. His focus switched to learning and understanding the business of blogging and content marketing for the web. Armed with this knowledge, he began helping companies utilize the vast array of online tools at their disposal to grow their business and build relationships with their customers.  He has been writing professionally about technology for around four years.

Nick has been published in several publications including:

  • Make Tech Easier
  • PCMech
  • InfoSec Institute


Nick graduated from William Paterson University with a B.A. in English.

A Message from Nicholas Congleton

"I'm absolutely a tech nerd, and I genuinely enjoy hacking and tinkering with whatever tech I can get my hands on. Devices shouldn't just do what they were designed and marketed for on the box. Most of them can do so much more. I want to spread the word on that and help people take charge of the gadgets that we all depend on."


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