NFL Launches Cheaper Streaming Service for Live and On-Demand Games

Say goodbye to Game Pass

For years, Game Pass has been the best, and only, way to stream out-of-market NFL games on demand, but the steep price has turned many consumers off.

The football organization has heard the gripes of these consumers, as they are retiring Game Pass in favor of a brand new, and cheaper, streaming service called NFL+. The service launches, checks watch, today. 

NFL Streaming

Dave Adamson / Unsplash

The streaming platform is split into two tiers. The standard NFL+ is $5 each month or $40 for a year. You get a lot for the price here, with live local and primetime games, live out-of-market preseason games, live game audio, and ad-free access to the NFL’s programming library. 

NFL+ Premium includes all of the above, with some extra pizazz for true aficionados. For $10 a month or $80 a year, you get ad-free full game replays, condensed game replays, and access to Coaches Film offerings like All-22.

All of the above? That’s the good news. Hold on to your pigskin for some of the limitations associated with NFL+. Out-of-market and primetime games are only available on phones and tablets, not computers or televisions. 

Preseason games are available on all devices, TVs included, but these are limited to out-of-market competitions. 

Still, even with those limits, the price is right, especially compared to Game Pass's $100 yearly cost. NFL+ and NFL+ Premium are now available for purchase on the NFL app.

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